1 year Blogaversary

donut rattles   donut rattles

Wow I can’t believe it’s been a whole year of blogging already. I remember typing my first feeble attempt at an entry and thinking what the heck am I going to write every week……..I was never good at keeping a personal diary when I was a kid but I always really loved the idea of having a journal, so I would buy the cutest books with the resolve that this time I would successfully keep a diary. This really meant that everyone of them would have scribbles on the first couple of pages before I gave up.

But I feel so accomplished with this blog……….I may mostly just talk a lot of nonsense but hey I do in the “real” world too so what can you expect?

Anyway a little while ago someone suggested I make baby rattles out of my lil dunker’s and so I finally did it. They took me ages though as I wanted to make very sure that my stitches were as perfect as possible…….I don’t want anything coming apart in a little kiddies hands……….They most likely will be heading off to Anthology this weekend with a box load of needle felted roses.

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