Another Reason….

why I love, love, love flickr…….

A little over a month ago whilst perusing my friend and contacts photos I came across this sweet lil’ guy made by Raggy Ratraggy rat’s mousey

I love Raggy Rat’s handmade toys (my personal faves being her rats and mice) so I of course had to leave a comment letting her know just how cute I think he was…. and joy of joys she was up for trading him for a needle felting kit. So he arrived on Friday and I absolutely adore him, he pretty much hangs out with bubbletime’s cats and Skippy the Beastly (I think he secretly enjoys being bigger than them)


Anyway you should check out Raggy Rats flikr pics to see for yourself how well made and unique her handmade toys are. I hope she loves needle felting as much as I do.
And other than my new mousey nothing much else going on over here at the mo. Just trying to make schtuff for the Craftacular but feeling very lackadaisical about it as I still have a month solid of crafting before crunchtime (June 28th)

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