Damn I wish it was spring already

About a week ago I got Jen of Hanks in the Hood to custom dye me some wool in wacky bright pinks and purples. I was thinking of making the Cheshire cat………but when the wool arrived I instantly thought peeps. You know what peeps are right? The bright marshmallowy chicks natorious at Easter time, anyway my Easter chickies turned out like thispeeps  peeps

I love holding the little fellers, it makes me feel like Mary Poppins in the scene where she is singing A spoon full of sugar and the birdie whistles along with her………..anyway I wanna make a few more of these little guys, just cos’ I like ’em.

I also made some candies……….although these might cause a hairball so don’t eat them!!! These are for a little something I’ll let you know about later……..aren’t I a tease?

candies candies

7 Responses to “Damn I wish it was spring already”

  1. emily Says:

    Are those candies for your diet? If yes, that sucks because I think fake food is such a major tease!!!

  2. admin Says:

    I know I am so depressed…………Mark tells me to excercise, but that’s even more depressing……waaaaaaaaaaa

  3. emily Says:

    Yeah, I’m supposed to excercise too, but it just SO BORING (and also I just don’t want to). I’d rather just learn to be happy with my fat!

  4. Paula Francis Says:

    Hey Lisa, loving your work! Greetings from sunny scotland!!

  5. admin Says:

    Good Grief……..there’s a blast from the past……..how the Hell are you Paula?

  6. Paula Francis Says:

    Hi, I’m doing just great. E-mail and we’ll catch up. It’s about time you were having babies to make use of all these fab toys! Heard about NKOTB reforming and thought of you!!!

  7. admin Says:

    No babies for me Paula I leave that to you breeders ; )

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