Exciting schtuff…..

Yaaaaaaay I got my hotel room booked for the weekend,  I had been a little worried about getting a hotel room in Chicago for the Bucktown Bazaar…….It had been a little difficult to get a reasonably priced room in Chicago for Thanksgiving weekend,  and yes I am sure the hotel is beautiful! …but $325.00 on my crafter’s budget just wasn’t going to happen.  But yaaaaaaay Hotwire came through for me once again (love that website!!!)  so we are staying in a fantastic hotel in the loop,  and I am as excited for that as the Bucktown Bazzar………..well, maybe not!!!!     But I am so excited for this weekend in everyway and it’s lovely icing on the crafting cake to have a nice hotel to schlep back to from the show……yaaaaaaaay!!!

I had a fantastic past weekend too…….we went to Madison for the first time in ages and dropped of some Christmas goodies at the wonderful Anthology.   Then headed to whole foods to place my Christmas dinner order,  they do a fantastic turkey and the works dinner and it’s all basically good to go with very little input from me (thank god for whole foods).  Then we enjoyed a few pints of some fantastic Belgium beer from the Monroe Street Bistro yummm.  So it was a fantastic weekend and I definately felt much less like a crafting shut in for it……

So remember this weekend is the Bucktown Bazaar………hope you can stop by and say hi

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