It’s March…….already?

Wow time goes by fast when you are having fun huh?  I am genuinely very surprised that it’s March already……probably because March used to mean in my mind that Spring was coming and snowdrops would be erupting through the ground and in DC it meant the start of the gorgeous cherry blossoms at the tidal basin (and all over town).  In the midwest however I woke up to another dusting of snow and the news that more is on the way……….waaaaaaaaaa.

I however have been using this weather to my crafting advantage and made another new kit this weekend……

chick kit

I am really addicted to making the lil’ peepers so I figuered I should document the process and make a kit,  and I think it’s a great timely Easter craft too (this is so unlike me……normally I would have this great holiday idea 2 weeks after the event so I am feeling rather chuffed with myself).  So it’s up in the store now.

3 Responses to “It’s March…….already?”

  1. emily Says:

    Look at you go!!! Great idea for a kit!

  2. admin Says:

    Thanks Emily, I am feeling really productive these days………we will see how long that lasts for ; )

  3. missbeahaven Says:

    This is such an awesome idea!

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