the birds and the bees…..

Look a new mobile..

This cute little bug mobile is heading off to California this week and the question I ask is,  is it possible to be jealous of a mobile?  I guess the answer is yes…… as I am!!!  we had snow flurrys this weekend waaaaaaaaa no snow!!!!!!  I hate the stuff,  and I am so not ready for winter.

We had another quiet weekend at home.  I am still working away for the upcoming shows so every minute is precious stabby time, although we did go and see the new James Bond movie Quantum of solace………..Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Daniel Craig just how hot is that man?   and for the first time in Bond history he actually looks like he is more than capable of kicking someone’s arse.  Anyway the movie was fantastic and a good time was had by all………

Alright gotta love ya and leave you as it’s back to the stabby world.

10 Responses to “the birds and the bees…..”

  1. emily Says:


  2. emily Says:


  3. Lulu Says:

    Thanks Em, you must really think it’s cute huh? ; P

  4. emily Says:

    not really.

  5. Lulu Says:

    ooooooooh yer bitchy today………..must be Monday

  6. emily Says:

    must be a day that ends in “y”!

    No, I do think it is cute and am jealous of it too going off to a warmer place!

  7. andrea Says:

    this is so adorable!!! love it!

  8. Lulu Says:

    Thanks andrea…..perhaps you will join me in blowing raspberries in grumpy Emily’s general direction ; )

  9. Karyn Says:

    Your mobile is too cute! I can’t image all the time you put into your critters!

    I know, the weather is so very cold – at least it was sunny yesterday. Not so sure about today though…

    When is your next show?

  10. Lulu Says:

    Thanks Karyn, probably as much time as you painting and coming up with awesome cards ; )

    The next show is a 2 day affair in Chicago on the 29th and 30th of November…….eeeek less than a week!!!!

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