You Donut!!!

You gotta love when Gordon Ramsey calls people donuts,  it’s almost as good as when he calls them donkeys.  I think these would make the perfect gift for him to give to his chosen verbal victims….

I told you I’d be sewing donuts last weekend……I’m loving them so much,  although I don’t really want to give them up.  But of course  I’ll add them to the shop and convince myself to make some just for me.   I love that I’m able to use my crazy ribbon stash for these guys (I’m a ribbon addict,  I’m not sure why but I have so much of the stuff it’s crazy)  Although I guess that means I should really go and buy some more… know……just in case I need it……..sniff, sniff…….I don’t have a problem dammit!!!!!  I just like ribbon!!!!!  crap, maybe I am a pussycat.

I also have decided to show you my new Christmas cards…….I was hesitating in doing so as these cards I will be personally sending to my friends and family this year…..but oh well how else will I be able to add them to the shop if I don’t share them at some point?  I’m counting on the fact that if I show them early people will forget I said I was sending them……at least that’s how my ADD mind works…….ooooh look something shiny,  what was  I talking about again?  errrrrrr!!!

I got the idea for making them from making a Christmas mobile,  which I still have to share with you…ooooooh exciting stuff.

This weekend is the Renegade Craft fair in Chicago.  I LOVE this show so much,  mainly because it’s a huge outdoor event with around 200 vendors and it’s on Division street which is such a trendy part of town you can’t help but have a good time at it and 2 of my favourite crafters Ekra and Orangyporangy will be selling there  so it will be nice to annoy them in a different venue.  Anyway we are staying for the weekend which is a double bonus……….eeeeeeek I can’t wait!!   roll on Saturday

4 Responses to “You Donut!!!”

  1. emily Says:

    those cards are neat-o. are they felt or paper? what is that brown and white thing?

  2. Lulu Says:

    Thanks Em, they are cut felt so they are all fuzzy………I never even thought about using paper….. dur!!!!! brown and white thing?? you mean the Christmas pudding? yummy yummy Christmas pudding………mmmmmmmmm I can’t wait for Christmas now!!!!!!

  3. emily Says:

    x-mas pudding? never heard of it!

  4. Lulu Says:

    What a deprived Christmas you must have ; )………’s stodgy loveliness

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