Did you miss me?

cos I missed you!!!

But I have had the most fantastic 6 weeks……….ever!!!!    First of all I was in the UK  for Easter so I got to see the new Wallace and Gromit special on the telly……yippppeee (which was a completley happenstance incident as I had no idea at the time) and then I saw lots of awesomeness in the shops

How cool is the toast rack?  I mean it’s just a shame it was all so fragile looking.  Although I did manage to procure some less breakable goodies……yaaaaaaaay.

and then my 2 weeks in Spain flew by in a whirl of beautiful sunshine,  great food (god how I love anchovies in vinagre)  and fun day trips with the folks.

above is one of the Mijas taxis a little burro than you can ride around town,  I did this when I was a kid but I’d feel a little sorry for the donkey that had to cart me around now…..

Then a week in London

where (takes deep breath here)  I saw James Mcavoy in  3 days of rain

at the Apollo theatre on Shaftesburry Avenue.   We had fantastic seats and I swear I was so close to him I thought I even caught a whiff of his aftershave……….sigh how I adore him.  We also were lucky enough to get to see Romeo and Juliet at the Globe Theatre…..I have always wanted to see a performance in there since it has been built,  as it’s kind of cool to think that it is pretty much how it would have looked in Shakespeare’s day.   The night of the play was a gloriously beautiful warm night (so rare for the UK) so it made it extra nice to be sitting in the open air theatre….

I don’t think I could have managed to stand for the entire performance so I was very grateful to be in the seated balconies.  The rest of the time in London was spent enjoying the Tate and strolling around the Thames and drinking warm flat beer in fantastic pubs (although to be honest I’m still not really into the warm flat beer thing).   I also made sure to see platform 9 and 3/4 at King’s cross station (an homage to the fact that it’s the station that the Hogwart’s express leaves from…….

Then finally we had four  days in  Edinburgh

……….sigh how I miss Edinburgh and Scottish folk (but it’s a good miss and it makes you appreciate it more when you go back to it )  It was fantastic to walk up the Royal Mile admire the beauty of Auld Reekie and visit  Mary King’s close (spooky)….. We also enjoyed the much nicer colder Scottish beer in various locations…..(if you are heading to Scotland I highly recommend the Mcewan’s 80….yum) But of course like all Scot’s who have left Scotland permanently I have become so Scottish it’s scary………new tartan blanket throw for the sofa…….tartan scarves for winter……and the sound of bagpipes brings a tear to my eye……..

and although the new Scottish parliament building might be one of the ugliest buildings I’ve seen in my life…….I will tell you this boy,  I will defend it to all ney sayers!!!

So yeah,  I’m back and enjoying the full on hot temperatures of an Illinois summer (finally,  I mean was this the longest winter ever or what?)  and starting the critter making……..I can’t wait to show you my new guy,  he’s a little memento of my holidays……….

4 Responses to “Did you miss me?”

  1. Naomi Says:

    Oh, that sounds like an amazing trip!!!! How wonderful. I would love to get to the UK sometime. I was excited just to go have an iced mocha at Borders last night!!!

    Take care!

  2. Lulu Says:

    oooh an iced mocha…….I’d trade you the hol for that right now, lol

  3. emily Says:

    welcome home!

  4. Laura Says:

    Hooray! We’re glad you’re back. Sounds like a wonderful time!

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