Heavenly sin city……..

I see ya ……..raising a skeptical eyebrow as you read this but truly  Vegas was a world of whimsy for our trip,  which you got to admit was pretty lucky for me.  Bellagio’s  indoor gardens had completely recreated a very large garden with bugs and insects and mushrooms that you could wander aimlessly around as if you had inadvertently munched one side of the toadstool……..it was soooo cool,  especially the bees which were all made out of fresh flowers.

I was in heaven in sincity,  not an easy feat if you think about it.  The Palms also had the first poster I’d seen for Harry Potter 7

So I was completely in sensory overload especially as the showman extraordinaire Jim Rose was also doing a show and slot extravaganza

So we caught the man dropping a bowling ball onto a plate onto his wife’s stomach (ow can you say divorce) and hitting a man over the head  with a frying pan (he was going for the world record of 20 but could “only” manage 7 double ow).

We were also lucky enough to arrive in Vegas for restaurant week……….woooooohoooooo Las Vegas and fantastic over the top master chef restaurants practically go hand in hand.  We were lucky to be able to go to Emeril Lagasse’s restaurant,  Tom Collichio’s Craftsteak and Hubert Keller’s Fleur de lys (which was particularly awesome as the restaurant is getting a new look and was closing the next day so Hubert was actually milling around speaking to the patrons)……..it’s kinda hard to pick a favourite as all three were amazing in their own way,  but for decor I’d say Craftsteak (I don’t like meat so I’m not the best judge of the food,  I think Mark was prepared to take up residence in the booth though) and for food I’d say Fleur de Lys,  everything that came out was soooo good and had me prepared to fight for the last morsel………….mmmmmmm yummmmm.

We also discovered a new favourite artist at the house of blues.  We had gone to the truly uplifting gospel brunch where we were saved and served some of the yummiest southern cooking I’ve ever had (particularly the sausages).  And a perusal of the gift shop afterwards brought the crazy art of Glenn Fox into our lives

The  crazy fishy at the bottom now resides in my bathroom and is rather fabulously happy there.

Needless to say 7 red was a bust,  but the vacation was not.

So now it’s back to crafting and panicking as Strangefolk is now less than 10 days away……………..gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!  where does the time go?

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