Makin’ Monsters…….

I’ve been having a lot of fun this week…’s hard not to when you see who I’ve been hanging out with

cute aren’t they?  even if they are monsters and can only say nyum, nyum nyum………I’m not sure what it means but they all get very excited at the chant.  So why have the monsters come into my life?  well they are part of a bunch of critters heading for a store in Australia,  how exciting is that?  I tried to explain the land down under  to the lil’ guys but you guessed it just more nyum, nyum nyums and bouncing up and down.

I thought I’d let you see my booth at the rally for sanity and/or fear in St Louis last week

How cool is that?  It was so awesome to be right at the arch (maybe I’m easily amused) I could barely contain my excitement at the venue and kept wandering off to check out the arch and the crowds (sorry and thank you Markie) the weather was absolutely fabulous and  the crowd really was brilliant I wish I’d taken more piccies

Lots of costumes and silly banners my favourite was a couple dressed as Alice and the mad hatter from Alice in Wonderland who had a sign that read “because a tea party in congress would be madness”  utterly brilliant and I kick myself for not snagging a picture of the pair………….grrrrrrrr.

So this weekend is the official start of my slew of Holiday shows with the Red Sled In La grange, Illinois

I love this show,  it really does make me start to feel excited for the holidays and I just love the folks that come to say hi to the critters.  I also added another Christmas show to my schedule (I’m quite mad ya’know) it’s the Logan Square holiday art show in Chicago

I couldn’t resist applying for this show as it just looked so cool,  I’m completely thrilled we’re going to be a part of it.

So back to critter creatin’  have a great week.

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