Strangefolk are awesome folk!!!

Yaaaaay what a fabulous weekend in O’fallon…… was so much fun and the absolutely perfect way to retire the e z up for the year.

Of course I’ll share how I set up my booth

And the greatest thing of the weekend was that I was right beside my crafty buddy EKRA so I was able to pester her ….errrm I mean help her all day (ahem) look here I am being helpful

The weather on Saturday was absolutely perfect and lots of critters found new wonderful homes

The pink elephant was promptly named Cogsworth,  which I think is rather brilliant and fitted him brilliantly.

Norm the captured gnome found the best new home ever……….He’s going to permanently reside at the O’Fallon public library where he’ll be on display with the fairy tale books,  he’ll love that and hopefully he’ll quit planning on escaping now.

So it was a fabulous weekend,  I met a ton of wonderful people and had a lot of fun………I sure do love me some Strangefolk!

And now it’s back to stabbying as I have some major restocking to do……..

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