I’m very excited today…….cos I just got the fantastic news that I am in to Strangefolk, YAAAAAAAY!!!!

I am so thrilled to be part of this show,  the name alone makes me feel right at home……..eeeeeeeek I thought I was busy before though.

So that means my Summer show schedule now looks like this

August 7th and 8th  The Crafters round up at Chase Park Chicago Illinois

The Summer Craftacular In Madison, WI

then of course the strangefolk festival

This past weekend was my 2nd favourite Madison event (the first being Maxwell street days which is this weekend) it was art fair on (and off) the square

There was tons of visually brilliant booths and I got a few goodies (of course) but this Saturday is my birthday so Markie won’t let me have them till then……….pooooooooooh.  I was in my element wandering aimlessly around the wonderful artists until the call of the terrace hit us,  nothing beats a pitcher of beer and a brat from the terrace in summer even when the heavens opened up and chucked it down it’s  still one of my favourite Madison spots

Love the terrace chairs,  they are just so cheery and did you know you can buy ’em…….makes me want a garden patio really bad,  of course it would need a bar and someone grilling brats but still.

Ok really do have to get very busy now,  before I start freaking out about my lack of critters…………gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!

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