A few of my (newish) favorite things……



Just thought I’d do a quick post to share some of my new loves…….The first pic is me holding some of that fabulous braided twine in the second pic.  Oh how I want the ridiculously expensive,  completely unnecessary in life braided twine.  It is just so cool and available at the unnecessary and the irresistible in Rosslindale. I love  the store and could have perused all day,  I bought the cutest pair of scissors pin that as yet is still waiting to be pinned on my winter coat as I love how they look sitting on my dresser.  The next pics are a pair of fabulous  books I just purchased,  The picturesque Washington book is from 1885 and is a travel guide to DC giving the rules of proper etiquette whilst in congress and places  for ladies of good standing to visit and how to entertain whilst in the capitol…….good stuff.  The fungi book is incredibly useful around here as we have so many mushrooms it’s like a fairy village most days.  The watercolor drawings are simply gorgeous and it just makes me happy to think that one day I’ll be able to point at a fungus and know exactly what it is instead of pointing and saying oooooooh mushroom at everyone I see.    The last picture is of the Blue Cloud Gallery in Somerville  where I am happy to report critters can now be found………yaaaaaaaaaay.


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  1. emily Says:

    Congrats on the new store for the critters! From the website, it looks really cool!

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