Brilliant Boston!!!

Sorry I’ve neglected the ole blog…….but as usual I have a brilliant excuse!!!!!! ………….. I LOVE it here!!!!

The actual getting here  20 + hours in a 26′ uhual truck towing a mini and with high strung cats in the cabin was as you can probably guess not very fun,  but Kirzstie enjoyed it once he found the air vent.

Boston is totally fabulous!!!!  We are absolutely loving it here,  there is just so much to see and do and our new apartment completely rocks…… all the boxes are finally gone.  I of course have been busy with the critters (which is trickier with all the distractions) because I am thrilled to tell you we are going to be at the Sowa Open Market this summer……yaaaaaaaaaaaaay the market is super cool and I can’t wait for the first show this Sunday……..

Back to work.

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