donkey kong  donkey kong

Although he previously spent his time pestering Mario in numerous ways, Donkey Kong has somewhat abandoned this mischievous lifestyle to become a hero in his own right. He lives in a wooden cabin within the jungles of the DK Isles, a mountainous country in the shape of his own head. In this region he lives in the company of his many friends, a large comprised of primates (“Kongs”) and other miscellanious animals. Most notable is his young chimpanzee friend Diddy Kong, who idolizes him and wishes to be a hero just like him (which has actually happened, since after his first appearance he later went on to star in several of his own games). DK is often seen pursuing his various hobbies, which include doing push-ups, dancing to his boombox, or playing bongo drums (which he seems to have quite a talent for). Donkey Kong’s life, although usually comfortable, can get surprisingly hectic at times due to a rival faction of reptilian creatures (known as “Kremlings”) who also live on Donkey Kong Island and cause trouble for the Kongs, seeming to be engaged in a turf war with them. They are led by a psychotic despot named King K. Rool who despises DK and wants nothing more than to see him and his friends miserable.