feathers  feathers

A mute yet sinister penguin, Feathers appears after Wallace advertises for a lodger. As the story progresses, Feathers ingratiates himself with Wallace, gradually pushing Gromit out of the picture and causing him to run away. Feathers takes an interest in the techno-trousers that Wallace has bought for Gromit’s birthday. He reconfigures the control panel, putting the controls into a remote, and controlling the trousers. Spied on by Gromit, Feathers is revealed as a criminal mastermind who plans on using the trousers in his latest heist. He disguises himself as a chicken by wearing a red rubber glove on his head. This is apparently enough to fool Wallace, Gromit, and local law enforcement (at one point in the movie, Gromit spots a wanted poster of Feathers McGraw entitled, “Have You Seen This Chicken?”)