jonesie     jonesie

This is Jonesie. Jonesie is a huge fan of the one and only welsh baladeer Tom Jones. Jonesie first saw Mr Tom Jones performing at the limelight theatre in Blackpool where he worked as a coat check mouse and since then he’s hooked, lined and sinkered. He quit his job to become a full time Tom Jones impersonator and he actually is very popular in the clubs in his own right. He has one particulary crazed fan….. an orange tabby called Ginger who constantly chases Jonesie for autographs, she loves him to bits or at least she would like to.

Jonesie just signed a big deal with the MGM in Las Vegas for 7 nights only and he is hoping Mr Jones will be his opening act……hey you never know who would have thought he’d have gotten this far?