princess Leia princess Leia

Long, long ago on a planet far away…………………..

Gender: Female

Height: 1.5 meters

Weapon: sporting blaster pistol

Vehicle: Tantive IV

Affiliation: Rebel Alliance, New Republic, Galactic Alliance

Leia Organa had accomplished much at a young age: a leader in the Alliance to Restore the Republic, a former member of the Imperial Senate, and a member of the Royal Family of Alderaan. Yet despite her stature, for many years, Leia herself was not privy to much of her true heritage. It was common knowledge throughout the court that Leia was adopted into the Royal Family. What wasn’t common knowledge was that Leia was born to Anakin Skywalker, a Jedi pupil who succumbed to the dark side and became Darth Vader. She was one of a set of twins, born in secrecy and protected from Vader and the Emperor.

I love Star Wars and the 30th anniversary of the first movie got me thinking…………..I think ewoks will be next, they already look like stabby critters.