Finally done!!!

So my Artomat project took much longer than I expected 2 whole weeks in fact. Probably because I did it the old fashioned way, yes that’s right I handdrew every box as well as made every critter……I had a feeling I was never going to finish….ever. But phew it’s done.


The pile of boxes.


The 3 different critter boxes – I made a mouse box, a cat box and a frog box


The reverse of each box…..are you seeing why this took me so long now?

I did 50 of these  – 18 frogs 12 cats and 20 mice


fronts and backs


The critters.

So I love how the boxes and critters turned out, but thinking on it I would have made more than 50 if I hadn’t handrawn everything. Ah well next time i’m going to photocopy everything.

In other news I am going to do my first ever craft show. I’m part of the Lovli craft fair in Portland Oregon. Yes you read right I am going to Portland …..yaaaaay. It’s going to be so cool and we are staying with my friend Matt (thanks Matt) and I can’t wait. Of course I hardly have any critters so I am going to have to go into stabby frenzy between now and the 31st………waaaaaaaaaaa. I love these challenges…..well I must do I keep giving them to myself!!!

2 Responses to “Finally done!!!”

  1. Kelly Says:

    Hi my name is Kelly and I just bought a Stabby critter yesterday [7/1/07] and I was very curious about it I was intrested in the box the most it said Miow instead of Meow.Hey I might just be 9 years old but still whyed it say Miow instead of Meow? Thats very cool that you are going to Oregon. I hope youre time there is very pleasent and you make more stabby critters like a giraffe or a rhionoasauros [Rhino.I’m not to sure how to spell it]. I think the cat is awesome and it would be really cool if you could or would make a Hippo. I love them there adorable and very cute. Please make more.

  2. admin Says:

    Hiya Kelly,

    I am so glad you love your little critter, and to answer your question he says miow because he is a foreign cat and so he has a little bit of an accent ; )

    I think your suggestions of giraffes, rhinos (I can’t spell it either) and hippos is excellent. I’m thinking the next stabby critters series I’ll make will be stabby jungle. I hope you will buy one.


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