Have you ever …

done something so stupid you almost wanted to laugh at yourself for being so stupid? I would laugh, if it didn’t hurt so bad that is. So what did I do? I hear you ask. Well I went grocery shopping yesterday and carried too many bags at the one time…. lost my balance and landed on my arse……now this may have been the point where I laughed at my stupidity, other than the fact that I couldn’t move. Yup shooting pains in my back everytime I attempted to untangle myself from my groceries……thank god I was at home at least. So here I sit still a little achey but much better than yesterday……..yaaaaay for ibuprofin.

Anyway this whole week I’ve been working on commissions and I wanted to show you one of them today Link from legend of Zelda   Link from legend of Zelda

It’s Link from the legend of Zelda. He was brilliant fun to make, I loved the idea of Link throwing chickens that Jennifer wanted and I hope she will be pleased when she sees him.

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