Madison Types


Are waking up a little luckier today than they did yesterday…. How is that possible? I hear you ask, aren’t they lucky enough by living in the beautiful, cool city on an isthmus? Yes they are… but today is the day that Anthology opens it’s doors. Anthology is the name of the gorgeous new paper and crafts store on State Street (the above piccie is of the owners in the store) and it is carrying the works of my favourite artists EKRA, OrangyPorangy, GlitterWorkshop and me as well as tons of other cool and crafty things. If you are ever in the area I highly recommend you stop by and say hi to the critters, and support a new cool store of course. Another reason to love the store is just look at how they displayed my cakes


Mega cute………I always think about how to make my stuff look more appealing in photographs but never follow through with my thoughts….. anyway stay tuned to Anthology as I am going to be doing a needle felting demo there soon…….eeeek I can’t wait!!! The Local Madison newspaper did a write up on the store owners and you can read it here.
Another place you will soon be able to say hi to the critters is the White Rabbit Gallery in Iowa…….some of them will soon be heading on over there and needless to say they are very excited about this fact. I keep hearing them talking about it with little squeels of delight…. particulary Cyranno the pig he wants to go weee, weeee, weeeeeee all the way (to his new) home.

I finally finished a new critter yesterday but unfortunatly I cannot find my camera to share him with you yet (how annoying is that?) It’s always a bad sign when I can’t find my camera…. particulary when my husband likes to take it on his bike rides for “action” shots. When I asked him about the whereabouts of the camera last night he responded that he “mighta had it”…. doh!!!! I’m guessing that we shall shortly be buying a new camera. But if it does show up I’ll post a piccie of Pudge.

Tommorrow is my one year Etsyversary…… that an excuse to eat cake? Please say yes : D

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  1. missbeahaven Says:

    Poorlulu, happy Etsyversary my friend! How cute do your little goodies look in that picture?!

  2. admin Says:

    Thanks MissBea I can never make my stuff look as cute as they do in that pic……but not for the want of trying. Happy Etsyversary to you too.

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