Sheldon the turtle

sheldon    sheldon

I figuered I needed to add another critter to the menagerie…… Sheldon. He’s a sea turtle, but he is rather obsessed with all things relating to the cycle world. It is his dream to compete in the Tour de France, and he is very serious about his training and his bikes. He has the latest carbon frame model (which makes him smile just to look at) and it weighs less than a pound unfortunatly with Sheldon on it it weighs 124lbs……..if he ever thought it was his shells fault for him not being super quick, well it would just break his heart…….especially since he just paid a small fortune for a small titanium spring that is going to lighten “the bike” by 0.00000000000001 oz. Who knows if he trains hard enough you may just see him whizzing through the Paris streets soon enough.

In non felting news…….I finally bit the bullet and ordered myself a sewing machine this weekend.  Now this is scary for me as I’ve never owned a sewing machine before,  in fact I can’t even remember the last time I used one……..eeeek.  But I figuered it makes sense for me to learn as it will take  the pain (and time) out of sewing my felt donuts and I can make other felt mobiles providing I can think of something else of course.   Anyway I got a basic Brother and I can’t wait for it to get here.

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