I guess folks that read my blog with any kind of regularity know that I really don’t get political here……but I would just like to say Please, Please Vote…….I’m so sick of all the electionioneering that’s been going on since forever……. but this is it,  the finale,  the whole point of all that crap so what you reading this for? get to it!!!!!

Ok I’m over my little rant now so I will show you what I’ve been working on for the last couple of days

I loved how the elk turned out that I made for a customer last week so I wanted to make more of these lil cuties for the shop,  and for the upcoming shows……I also gave each one a little collar with a real mini jingly bell attached just for that extra festive touch.  I’m not sure how many of these guys I will make,  so if you want one I highly recommend you snag one now…….I’m thinking of them as limited edition for the holidays.

8 Responses to “V-Day”

  1. Matt Says:

    I would encourage you to go get some local rockfordian to let you vote for them.

  2. Lulu Says:

    I hope that at the last party that I attended I swayed a few people…..you know what I am like after a beer right……… ; )

  3. Matt Says:

    Oh no, they are all voting for the High Strung.

  4. Lulu Says:

    teeheee……….maybe ; )

  5. emily Says:

    i like the elk, but are you sure they aren’t reindeer?

  6. Lulu Says:

    oh I am a silly…….well spotted Emily. I meant to say I liked how the elk turned out and wanted to tweek it to make festive little reindeers……..oooops.

  7. emily Says:

    oh darn! i just wanted to be annoying!

  8. Lulu Says:

    How very unlike you…….hahahahahahahahahaha

    just kidding, sarcasm really doesn’t translate well over the interwebnet huh?

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