Countdown to Christmas…..

18 days to Christmas,  can you believe it?  What I am more shocked by is that it’s only 4 days until Bazaar bizarre …….and my final show of the season.   Speaking of shows I figured  I’d give  you a little pictorial update of the last couple of weeks…..

The crafty fair…….

The Rockford handmade market which was a wonderful show,  Danielle the organizer had the prairie st. brewhouse looking so beautiful and Christmmassy  it was a delight just to be in there.   I was thrilled to be included with so many talented creative people all from the Rockford area…….I got so much cute schtuff  like the cutest little sock monkey from socks that rock,  I seriously kept having to drag myself away from staring at her booth as I wanted all her little zombies to come home with me.  I also got  2 fabulous knit ornaments from glissknits and the coolest Christmas stocking made from a burlap coffee sack from burlapworks,  it’s so cool and unique and looks totally fab hanging at my fireplace.

We got our tree on Sunday and yes it came home the traditional way

Aaaaaah nothing like driving home from the tree lot with a 6 foot tree sticking out the back of the mini cooper to make me feel all festive.

So that’s all for now,  as I’m busy trying to get new critters for Bazaar Bizarre……….

eeeeeeek I am so excited for this show,  I love Cleveland!!!!!

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