I know, I know……..

I’ve been a very bad blogger………In my defense I’d have to say it’s because I’ve been very busy…………but the reality is I’ve just been enjoying the warmer spring-ey weather that is currently coming through the Midwest.

I did finish Travis though

And I am currently fighting the urge to go to Target everyday to buy up all the Liberty of London line they have.   You see I shopped on the first day it came out as I am a huge Liberty fan (even my wedding album came from Liberty) and I bought A LOT of it,  no seriously when I say A LOT  I mean I am pretty sure I heard my credit card give out a little gasp and sob a little………and yet here I sit still pondering over whether or not I really, really want the watering can and gardening gloves that I had already deemed a little silly and was sure I’d never use….. (how mental is that?)  I clearly need help.

So I’m going to get on with a new big critter today,  I love making the big guys so I’m sure that will keep my mind of useless consumerism……..for now.  Oh and today is my mum’s birthday……..

so Happy Birthday mum!!

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