Phew,  did you see that?  It was a red sled and it just went flying by………and as you might expect of a speeding red sled it was tons of fun.   Wanna see how my booth looked at the start of the day?

I hope you don’t mock me for my lack of mobiles, remember a few posts ago I was kinda smug about finally figuring out how to attach them to my booth?   well it turns out I didn’t figure it out after all………..sigh.

I met so many brilliant crafters and I even have a new Etsy sore to covet,  it’s called den10studio and Karyn’s artwork is simply beautiful, I love her Christmas cards and Markie loves her prints.

I may have to break down and buy them although I still really like the idea of sending out my own……I can tell that everyone on my Christmas card list is keeping their fingers crossed that I go with Karyn’s.

I also met so many wonderful holiday shoppers……meet my cutest customer of the day….everyone 1,2,3…….aawwwwwwwwwwwww

She was a big fan of my hairballs and critterclips……..look she has a hairball in her hair right now!!! How cute is that?  It was so nice of her mum to bring her by my booth to show me the hairball in place.  So yes I had a fantastic time at a highly organised show,  I even had helpers to carry my stuff into the hall in the morning it was bliss.  I hope they will have me again next year as I shall just show up anyway if they don’t,  and that could be  a little akward huh?

5 Responses to “Woooooshh”

  1. Naomi Says:

    it looks wonderful~~ i am sooo stressed about the show season. i am not even close to being ready!

    wait, here i am reading craft blogs instead of actually CRAFTING. wonder why i’m not ready….

  2. Lulu Says:

    Yeah I can relate Naomi……..I’m freaking out about my next one it, seems like I have an awful lot of stuff to make and not an awful lot of time to make it in……….waaaaaaaaaa.

    You are always able to produce a beautiful booth though and you always have swarms of shoppers clawing to buy your wonderful schtuff so I have every faith in you this Holiday season………… plus you have the wee man to draw them in like bee’s to honey ; )

  3. emily Says:

    that little girl doesn’t look too happy! must not have been able to buy all the critters she wanted….

    your new table covering looks really nice too, even though i liked it better with the kitty under it! 🙂

  4. Lulu Says:

    She was all giggle and smiles until I wanted a piccie……..stage fright happens to the best of us I guess. She was all smiles when I waved goodbye to her though but I think that say more about me than her huh?

    I’m so pleased with my new table cloth……..it definitely made an impact in the room

  5. Karyn Says:

    Thanks Lulu! Keep up the hard work for your next show, your critters are great!

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