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Finally a new stabby

Tuesday, July 31st, 2007

Yeah, yeah I know……I have been very lazy on the stabby front. But I was contacted by BossaNovaBaby through Etsy last week to make a Yoda for her son’s birthday. I just thought I’d share with you guys first…..

yoda yoda

He was really fun to make…..probably because I love Star wars, but I really love how he turned out (even if I do say so myself….ahem)

Anyway today I’m going to go into a needle frenzy…..I’ve got tons of ideas for critters and I really want to see if I can make them.

Another crazy week

Friday, July 27th, 2007

Largely because of Harry Potter……..I’ve never read a book in less than 24hrs before, ok, ok it’s a kid’s book and the words are small but still it’s a book none the less. I was so determined to read the book as quick as possible because I was sure someone would tell me how it ends for Harry. Even checking my email on yahoo had me sweating in fear of yahoo news. I really had no need to fear though, as if I hadn’t read it I still wouldn’t know the outcome…..typical.

Anyway check this out……..I know you will be jealous

harry fambee

How cool is that? It’s called a fambee and I had it made for me by Fambee. She has made a ton of cool Harry Potter fambee’s but I just had to have Harry. I can’t wait to get it, I am going to use it for my cell phone……I can never find that damn thing in my pit of a bag……..until now!!!! yaaaaaay Harry saves the day, again.

Anywho what else have I been up to? Oh yes I’ve finally completed my mobile Art-o-Mat project…….of course I hand drew all the boxes again (I am crazy I tell ya) so they are stacked up and ready to go on their merry way.


I hope people like them, I’m surprised they only took me just over a week especially seeing as how I had Lewis the new kitten “helping” me the whole time…….honestly mini mobiles and kittens are a tricky business I can tell you. Anyway I want to get started on the next project for them soon……….I’m still thinking stabby jungle, but we will see.

Oh and I just have to share this with you……….it’s hilarious


My boys better behave else humility will follow ; )

It’s my Birthday!!!!

Tuesday, July 17th, 2007

Yaaaaay it’s my birthday….and in it’s honour I have done absolutely nuthin,  ah it’s been great even the cats realised and let me have a lie in today,  how very honoured I am.

Actually I did do something I opened my fabby pressies.  I figuered I should share how great they are,  I had my friend  Matt (he of Portland whose apt. we crashed in June for the fair) buy me anything from my etsy fave list and he selected

these hand screen printed dish towels by Rockpaperscissorart.  I adore them and have hung them on hooks in my kitchen,  with strict instructions to not use them just admire them.

rock paper scissors

Matt also got me this gorgeous print from CreativeThursday .

creative thursday

Not only do I love the print but it’s called Lewis and Oscar……how perfect is that?

Anyway I really must get back to my lazy day……

Harry Potter Frenzy

Wednesday, July 11th, 2007

So we went to see Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix last night and let me tell you it does not disappoint.  We got to the cinema at 10.30 for the midnight show……..a little unneccesary in Rockford,  we are used to opening nights in Washington DC where if you didn’t get in the line by at least 9 o’clock you were in the crap seats.  So anyway great seats were gauranteed and ours.   I was so excited for this movie (as I think I may have mentioned before) that when the house lights went down I could feel my heart rate rise.  And anyway long story short it’s brilliant……so what you still thinking about?  go see it pronto!!!

In Stabby news,  the art-o-mat loved my stabby mobile idea (yaaaaaay) so I am going to be very busy cutting wire for the next week or so.  I also am going to do another stabby critter series for them but with different animals than the first ones…..apparently the last load of the critters are all sold…..this is fantastic news as I never expected them to do so well.  How I love the Art-o-mat.

Cool finds

Monday, July 9th, 2007

I love Flikr.

I only recently discovered the joy of Flikr,   who knew it was so cool and had groups and stuff to join?  I didn’t… but I am sure you did,  I am always a little slow with these things.

Anyway back to flikr how cool are these

pepe le pew   alice in wonderland door

They are pins made by Clothmatters and they are just brilliant.  She also makes dolls I love this guy….


he is fantastic isn’t he?  look at the details my goodness they must take ages to make.  So yes I am enjoying browsing around all the flikr groups and looking at talented artists work.

I of course am rather preoccupied with my new baby kitten to get down to the business of stabby stabby.  Apparently he doesn’t need sleep………….ever.  Because he is always on the move vrooming round the house in big loop de loops we decided to call him Lewis,  in honour of Lewis Hamilton the new hotshot British formula one driver.

The best Saturday ever

Sunday, July 8th, 2007

The nicest thing happened and I just had to share……….a fabulous etsian named twolefthands put Fergus in a treasury and it made etsy’s front page, her store is lovely I highly recommend you check her out.
This is thrilling as it is a first for me. I’ve picked up some new hearts and maybe someone will be tempted by my lovely critters and give one a good home.

Speaking of good homes we’ve just given one to this little guy

harry harry

He’s a Himalayan Seal Point and he is lovely, Not that Floyd thinks so. I think Floyd thinks he is a giant dust bunny that needs to be whacked under the carpet, not very friendly at all…….I’m keeping my fingers crossed it works out ok.

Oh and I’m thinking of the name Harry in honour of Harry Potter.

Blissed out

Saturday, July 7th, 2007

Maybe it’s because it’s summer and I’m feeling giddy and childish but I love these softy pillow plushies by Jodie Caulfield.

donkey seagull
I had to splurge on them as soon as I saw them. I got the seagull and the donkey and I can’t wait to get them. Her work really reflects childhood memories for me, especially the donkey…….aaaah donkey  rides on Blackpool beach, oh how it takes me back……now if only she would make a giant candy floss on a stick and I would be blissed out.

Check out her etsy store for more lovely goodies.

I also indulged in some supplies today little brass daisy petals from artful market . I figured the critters needed better hangtags and I love the idea of the daisy petal being brass instead of felt as I was doing……so stay tuned I’ll let you see what I come up with as soon as I get them and figure it out.

I haven’t been very creative myself this week at all. I’ve been enjoying the weather too much and the company of my nip frenzied cats to get down to the business of stabby stabby. But I promise next week I shall crack the whip and get on with more creative critters.

I love the weekends

Monday, July 2nd, 2007

Aaaah I do. I love especially to go to the market on the square that happens every Saturday in Madison……It is all local produce/cheeses and plants and numerous other stuff. I have always been a big fan of wild flowers and thanks to the market I have a balcony full of them………it’s a real dingly dell now and it makes me very happy to sit out there in the sun with my coffee and my cats.


some of my market lovelies. In the teracotta planter 2 different types of echinacea daisies. then thai basil and regular basil and the big white planter has 4 different kinds of lavendar and finally my tomato plants………..we’ve had tons of yummy toms of these tiny bushes, and everything smells wonderful.

I mentioned my cats love to sit on the balcony with me so I thought it only fair to plant a little something for them to appreciate so…..

balcony balcony

tadah……I got two different types of catnip (my boys are the biggest nip heads in the world) and some cat grass for Floyd. It seems to be a big hit and I reckon if it grows well I can make cat nip toys for them and my etsy store.

Anyway back to my market story. There is also a street of vendors selling handmade goods and one booth’s clothing in particular I fell in love with, she’s called orangyporangy. Her tee-shirts, skirts and bags are fantastic. I got 2 tops, one for a friend and one for me…….can’t wait to wear it, it has little vintage buttons sewn to it and is very hipster friendly.

Ok ok i know you are thinking wait a minute, where is the stabby critter? why is Lulu telling us about some market in Madison? well just because it made me happy really, but you are right so with that I give you Spike…..

spike spike