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Out of this world……….

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

I Love, love, love creating completely new and weird little critters and thinking of where they have been or are going to,  or how they like to spend their day but with these guys I just can’t even begin to imagine

They are currently hanging out at my house as part of a space mobile I made for the rather fabulous Katie ( who has some of the best stabby requests ever) who just found out that she is expecting a lil’ one and is going with a space theme for the nursery………..How brilliant is that?  certainly very unique and original.  I just hope she likes it

They sure are cute,  like everything I make for Katie I’ll be sad to see them go…………

Last weekends Craftacular was brilliantly fun thanks to everyone who stopped by the booth to say hi,  Madison sure is a supportive community.

Sorry for the fuzzy pic,  the iphone doesn’t like taking pics in darker environments and I of course forgot my camera……..ah well.

I’m a Geek……..

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

Like you didn’t know already huh?  Well I guess not what with my love of all things Mario related,  I just had to add Bullet Bill to the collection

I made a couple of these guys as this weekend is the Spring Fling Craftacular at the High Noon Saloon in Madison Wisconsin.   If you are in the Madison area you should come check us out,  lots of great crafters and artists and the first 25 shoppers get a free goody bag wooohooo you may even find a little stabby goodie in there……..(hint you will).

Anyway going back to the geekery theme of this post I also made Pacman

Growing up my sister had a pacman game where the whole game looked like pacman and it was soooooo awesome I was forever borrowing it,  so I figured pacman could really be awesome to add to my geekery line……..I can’t stress enough how tricksy he actually was to make though.  I know, I know he’s just a ball with limbs as Mark kept helpfully pointing out, but the importance of making him completely round and getting his mouth just right was shockingly difficult.  I figure he’s totally worth it though as he’s very cute and of course I’ll add him and Bullet Bill to the shop later today.

tick, tick……..booom

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

Bob Omb has finally arrived to add to my stabby homage to Mario……

He’s a fun guy to make, and one of my favourite characters to play……..remember in Mario cart when you lost,  you could control Bob to bomb your opponents?  aaaaaaaaah good times.

So he will of course be added to the shop later today.

Tonight we are heading back into Chicago to see The xx at Lincoln Hall,  which should be great as the venue is brilliant…..although I have a feeling we may be the oldest people in the room……..(not difficult when you consider the fact that the 4 members of the band are only 19).

So back to stabby frenzy for the upcoming Craftacular………Gaaaaaaaaah only a little over 2 weeks to go before the show………busy, busy,busy!!!!

Such a perfect weekend….

Monday, April 5th, 2010

And I’d like to share it with you.  First of all the weather was absolutely perfect,  and we were heading to Dandy things in Long Grove Ilinois.   A really unbelievably cool indie hand made store that I am thrilled to tell you Stabbies can now be found at………yippppppppeeeeeee.  Then we headed into Chicago to see Heidi Kenney’s Seedling, sprout and spores show at Renegade Handmade……….which of course was brilliant.

Renegade Handmade did a fantastic job of hosting the gallery night  even the window got me excited to see Heidi’s work, but not as excited as I got when I saw Heidi……….she was so nice.

And I was there early enough (oh boy was I) to snag a goody bag and some of her pieces (they didn’t last long)

This cute little group scene and

the individual tree and the individual mushroom on the right are mine as well as the sprouts on the right

I am so excited to get them I can’t tell you how hard it was to walk away from the store without them (they are on display at Renegade until May 18th).

Mark of course was excited to be in Chicago for other reasons…………..the apple Ipad came out at the weekend so of course we had to head over to the Apple store on Michigan Ave so he could play with one.  After picking one up for all of 5 seconds the sales assistant barely gets out the “can I help you” question before Mark blurts out I want one do you have them in stock?  So Mark got a goody too…………The store was absolutely mobbed

This was the frenzy of people all waiting to play  with the demo Ipads (there was always at least 30 people crammed around the table) and in the 10mins we were in the store they must have sold at least 30 ipads………probably more but still pretty immpressive.    Anyway Mark is in nerd heaven with his new toy…….it is pretty cool though.

So that was my fantastic Easter weekend,  pretty great huh?  How was yours?