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Lil’ Cluckers

Thursday, January 31st, 2008

chickens  chickens

So I was trying to think of things for the store with Easter in mind and I came up with these little bock bocks.   I’ve mostly gone into hibernation mode here at the stabby base camp,  I really hate being cold.  I had an idea to go out and take lots of pics of the frozen rock river to post on the blog……..mostly to show my parents who now reside in Spain just how cold it is.  I don’t think people fully grasp just how cold cold really is………especially when they are sitting on their terrace in the sun saying really minus 20 gee………grrrrrrr.  Anyway I just can’t face going out in the cold,  so no frozen river pics here……..for now at least.

Love Imps

Tuesday, January 29th, 2008

I told you I was thinking about Valentiney critters…….well meet the love imp

love imp  love imp

He’s a cutie…….he’s closely related to the cupid’s but it’s a different branch of the family tree (if you know what I mean…..ahem)

He’s one of the little guys responsible for inappropriate crushes and bizarre hot flushes when he uses his little poker tail to give you a jab.  He’s not a bad little imp as imp’s go he just likes to shake things up a bit.

And did you hear the news?   I had to pick myself up of the floor when I heard……..brace yourself……….The New Kids On the Block are reforming…………scrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmm.

oh oh oh oh oh the right stuff……oh sorry I ‘m off again.  I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it I lurved them when I was a kid picture me up front and center if they do tour again….it will be odd to be in a sea of 30 – 40 year old women screaming at 40 year old men  though……hmmmmm maybe I will buy the dvd instead.

Craftacular Critters

Friday, January 25th, 2008

So I am needlefelting like crazy right now. I really want a decent display of critters for the Craftacular and it’s less than 2 weeks away………waaaaaa. I hope that if you are near Madison you come out to the High Noon on February 9th and say hi to me and the critters.

Anyway in critter news here is another new guy for you to say hello to

cyrano cyrano

His name is Cyrano and I of course will be adding him to the shop

In other news it’s frickin’ freezin’ here in Illinois………..can’t it be Spring yet? Please? I hate being cold and I am so bored with snow I can’t even tell you.

Poppy the Porcupine

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2008

Another new critter to add to the menagerie…… Poppy

poppy the porcupine     poppy the porcupine

I love how she turned out she’s so tactile.  She has one of those faces that when you pick her up you just want to hold her for a while…….or at least I do……..I know, I know I am a loon.

More computer game geekery and Etsy finds

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008

I think I had the idea for a pacman mobile when I first made a Mario………and that’s a long time ago. I just never was really sure how to construct it. Anyway I figuered I’d quit procrastinating over it and get on with it and here is my first prototypepacman mobile    pacman mobile

So the idea is that pacman is gobbling up the white balls trying to get to the power cherries but Pinky and Blinky are fast on his trail. I’m going to add it to the shop and see what the response is. I like mobiles so I’ll probably come up with some other new ones before the Craftacular.

etsy finds

etsy finds

In other news I’m an Etsy find for today……….yaaaaay they like Claude the stinky lil’ skunk………….how exciting. Thanks to Karencrafts for letting me know and forwarding me the email with Claude featured.

Loads of news

Friday, January 18th, 2008

Yup, tons going on over here in stabby land. First of let me introduce you to Chester

chester the fox chester the fox

Yup a brand new critter to add to the shop, which is brilliant because the good news is I have been selected to take part in the Valentine Craftacular at the High noon saloon in Madison on the 9th of February…………yaaaaaaaaaaaay I’m going to be very busy for the next couple of weeks waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….

My other news is the very sad news that the Glitter Workshop in Madison is closing…. Sad day, but the good news is that Naomi is expecting an ickle baby so it makes sense that she can no longer expend all the energy it must take to run such a fabulous store, congrats on the bubba Naomi and Jerome I just wish I had discovered you sooner.

New luvvies

Monday, January 7th, 2008

I’ve gone on a bit of a sewing kick…….I’m thinking of lovely Valentine’s day goodies for the shop.  luvvies    luvvie mobile

Individual hearts or heart mobiles.  I’m thinking of making love bugs and other needle felted luvvies to go with the theme,  so we will see what else I come up with.

I got my EKRA cat rug this weekend and I absolutely love it.  This is how it should lookekra rug

But this is pretty much how I get to see it

lewis loves ekra

So I guess it gets Lewis’s the Himalayans stamp of approval.   It’s ironic that originally I wanted EKRA to make the rug with a Himalayan cat on it good job I didn’t cos’ now I have both.

Happy New Year!!!

Friday, January 4th, 2008

So here it is ….the first blog post of 2008.  I was trying to say something clever  and that would tie up the New Year sentiments perfectly…….but all I could come up with was……….errrr……….Happy New Year!!!!!

Well heck if you want depth go read Deepak Chopra…….

Anyway New Year must mean new critter …and here he is

claude  claude

His name is Claude the Stinky and he is the best friend of the one and only (though he smells like many) Pepe Le pew.

Although Claude and Pepe are best buds they are as alike as chalk and cheese……….

So my new year’s resolution is to try and be more productive this year……….we will see how long that lasts