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I love Schtuff!!!!

Friday, March 4th, 2011

Anyone who really knows me,  and has had the pleasure (ahem) of being in my home is very aware that I LOVE stuff.  But I started thinking when is it ever too much?  I mean seriously I’m buying shelves for storage and yet they then are instantly filled up with more stuff…………it has to stop…… really I mean it……..honestly.

In an effort to find good homes for  my beloved stuff I opened a new Etsy store.  I called it Lulu’s Shabby Frippery and I invite you to check it out,  if only for you to see some of my favourite vintage goodies…….sigh how I wish I could keep it all,  but honestly that tv show hoarders has scared me a little,  really I am that bad for accumulating schtuff.

So other than being excited for my new shop,  I’m currently working on a custom little critter that is taking me longer than I had expected but when he is done I promise I’ll share him here.


Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

That means Spring is 19 days away,  yipppeeeeee!!!!  and as we all know Spring means it’s almost Summer….and jeeesh I can’t wait for summer.  Anyway I’ve been very busy with the critters the last couple of weeks…..and I’m finally gonna update the shop with a couple of new guys.

First up is the oddballs

I can’t tell you just how much I LOVE making these guys…….they always make me smile when they are finished and I love that they all have distinct and very odd personalities,  much like myself.   As of last week a bunch of Oddballs decided to head on out to pastures new and  can be found in their only Wisconsin home,  Zip Dang on Monroe Street in Madison.  How very exciting!   I just hope they behave themselves.

I also made some mini bears

They sure are cute……..And last week they decided that the Glitterworkshop in Madison was the only place perfect enough for their picnic parties.  I will add a couple of oddballs and teddies to my Etsy shop for fun though as it seems like a very long time since I’ve put anything new in there………oooooops.

I also just made a facebook page for the critters (wow, that took a while huh?)  so as Sally Field once gushed………Like me,  please like me…..Lulu’s Stabby Critters on facebook