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Eeeeek, eeeek, eeeeeek

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

This Saturday (April 3rd) the amazingly talented  plushie maker Heidi Kenney (I’ve gushed about her here before) is coming to Chicago to exhibit her work at Renegade Handmade.  I am so excited about this I decided to make her a present

I just though of the things I think of when I think of Heidi,  donuts and mushrooms were definitely at the top of the list,  so I hope she likes them.

And a new critter showed up this week……

He’s a bit of a boffin is Boris,  in fact he’s been called a knockout by the boys in the lab.  Although Boris doesn’t let it go to his head…..probably because his head is too full of mazes and equations.  It’s lovely having him around though as he’s so smart,  I may set him the challenge of figuring out my taxes.

Oh and in other news the Glitterworkshop is having another Craftacular (yippppeeeeeee) and I just found out I’m in!!!  It’s going to be at the High Noon Saloon on Saturday April 24th which isn’t long away…………….waaaaaaaaaaah I’m going to have to be very busy for the next couple of weeks.

I know, I know……..

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

I’ve been a very bad blogger………In my defense I’d have to say it’s because I’ve been very busy…………but the reality is I’ve just been enjoying the warmer spring-ey weather that is currently coming through the Midwest.

I did finish Travis though

And I am currently fighting the urge to go to Target everyday to buy up all the Liberty of London line they have.   You see I shopped on the first day it came out as I am a huge Liberty fan (even my wedding album came from Liberty) and I bought A LOT of it,  no seriously when I say A LOT  I mean I am pretty sure I heard my credit card give out a little gasp and sob a little………and yet here I sit still pondering over whether or not I really, really want the watering can and gardening gloves that I had already deemed a little silly and was sure I’d never use….. (how mental is that?)  I clearly need help.

So I’m going to get on with a new big critter today,  I love making the big guys so I’m sure that will keep my mind of useless consumerism……..for now.  Oh and today is my mum’s birthday……..

so Happy Birthday mum!!

Boing, boing……………thud!!!!

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010

Pudgy Bunnies are here!!!!!

A sure sign Spring is on the way……..yaaaaaaaaaaaay.

I just love, love, LOVE my new Pudgy Bunnies only thing is I can’t decide on one thing,  care to help?    Should they have chins or not?

See I’m conflicted, I kinda adore the stylized  no chin bunnies,  yet the chinny bunny probably looks more conventionally bunny faced………gaaaaah I can’t decide.   I guess I will just make an assortment of both for the stores,  I will of course add them to the shop.

So Illinois is starting to look a little spring like……’s not quite so cold and it’s not quite so dark so I am of course ecstatic at the the though of summer,  and have resolved to spend as much time as possible outside this year………maybe I can figure a way to craft comfortably outside this year.

Although I have tried before and sweaty hands and wool is not a great combination…………..yicky.