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I’ve got the power!!!!!

Friday, November 4th, 2011

We had sooooo much snow last weekend it was what the people in the know call a noreaster  (which Markie thought was a made up word….dummy)  so of course we lost power for a few days again…..brrrrrrrr it was chilly,  thank god for pussycat blankets.

We went to the last outdoor Sowa Market on Sunday (losing power is a great reason to go out and about on a chilly day) . It was so much fun as it was the Market of the living dead and vendors and shoppers were decked out in the best Halloween costumes.  I wish I’d remembered to bring my Harry Potter sorting hat…….there really aren’t that many excuses to go out and about in it and I clearly messed up by missing my one great opportunity….boooooo


Maureen arrived to stay with us this week

And I got to tell you I absolutely love her!!!  She took even longer than past critters as I gave her individual “spikeys” all over her and I totally adore how tactile and sweet she is.

She’s looking forward to this weekend as it is the official start of the holiday shows……..wooooohoooo.  So if you are in the area please come by and wish the critters a Happy Holiday

Saturday  the 5th of Nov 9 am to 3 pm at the Dr John C Page School in West Newbury

And then on Sunday the 6th of Nov

So we are very excited to start the holiday shows,   ooooh I love the holiday show countdown,   it’s like a timer to the countdown to how long it is till I can  stuff my face with mince pies and sweeties in the name of the holidays………mmmmmmmm mince pies.

I hope to see you at the shows this weekend.