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A very happy un-birthday to me……

Saturday, March 28th, 2009

Yup so here it is my 2 year blog aversary,  which means I’m giving you guys the chance to win a little gift from me

A cute little peeper,  a rose and a pair of hairclips………you likeeeee?

Anyway my blogaversary  set my mind to thinking of birthday parties, high teas and all things fun.  You know if I could pick the perfect dining/party guests living or dead  I’d pick Lewis Carrol (writer of Alice in wonderland),  L. Frank Baum (he of Oz fame)  and J. M Barrie (peter pan creator) can you imagine the stories and party games these guys would come up with………eeeeeek it gives me goosebumps just thinking about how brilliant it would be.

So anyway wanna win the schwag?   Then tell me who would be your perfect party guests (living or dead) and why and I’ll pick my favourite selection to win……..contest is closed April 4th and winner will be announced April 6th.    So put your thinking caps on……


Monday, March 23rd, 2009

sometimes comes from peculiar places,  take these lil’ guys…..

I got the idea to make little mice hair clips because (as you know) I adore mice and so I started browsing around etsy for some unique and unusual micey goodies……and then it occured to me what I hoped to find, something for my hair…….but alas it was not to be found.  After first being a little disappointed it hit me……doh!!!! make ’em myself so here we go…..I love ’em they look completely wacky in my hair

I also got a most excellent cheshire cat ceramic on ebay for cheap (yaaaaaaaaaay gotta love ebay) but it got my mind to thinking of all things Alice….. and as you know we can learn a lot of things from the flowers which is how these came about

And no need to paint them red as they already are,  although I will probably make them in lots of other colours too (sorry Queen of hearts).

So in a few days (5 to be exact) it will be Stabbies blogaversary and I’m thinking of doing a little giveway to my loyal readers (i.e you) so stay tuned to find out what’s in store.  And speaking of birthdays today is my mum’s birthday,  so Happy Birthday mum!!!!!!  hope the champers is on ice.

Éirinn go brách

Tuesday, March 17th, 2009

Happy St. Patrick’s day everyone………anyone have fun plans for the holiday?  Green beer in your future?  All the parades and green river  happened in Chicago last weekend and I of course realised this to late to go,  which is probably just as well as I can only imagine what traffic must be like to get anywhere close to Chicago for the holiday.

So this week was lots of fun with cats and vets (insert sarcastic roll eyes here).  I just had to share this image with you though

My brave boys………..honestly these two are hilarious when they are in the vet’s office……..Floyd’s self defense mechanism is to pretty much play dead,  and Lewis’s is to stay as close to Floyd as possible…….dummies.   Oh and in case you were wondering about Floyd’s mould he has cat acne,  yup you heard right acne……..who the heck knew cat’s got acne………pretty gross but not life threatning, phew.

So I’m off to wear something green and make hairclips……..

slainte mhath

Easter peepers and schtuff

Thursday, March 12th, 2009

Last Saturday we headed into Madison and I got some fantastic hand painted roving from the knitting tree.  Now I am notorious for falling in love with wacky roving then either not using it for fear of not having enough to finish a project (it’s near impossible to get the same colours ever again) or just not having a clue how to use it to its advantage…… and so it sits unused in my rather large collection of wool a rather expensive testament at my serious lack of imagination.  But can you blame me for having to purchase this time?

How pretty is that?  I think the woman in the store was rather disappointed to hear I wasn’t going to spin it and instead turn it into Easter Peepers

I really love how he turned out…. every time you turn him he’s a different composition of colours just like a real birdie,  although he may not be that Easter(ie)  oh well.

I was hoping to go to Madison today to go crafting at Anthology.  I really want to make the brass stamp charms that they do but Floyd (middle cat)  has been having mold issues (it’s the weirdest thing he’s like a peach) so I had to cancel my plans to tend to his chin instead (does anyone know anything about moldy cats? )

Speaking of Anthology it’s their one year birthday on the 14th,  so if you are in Madison head on over there for some cake and crafting details can be found on their blog.

bun buns and bikes

Monday, March 2nd, 2009

This weekend we drove to Indianapolis to attend the North American Handmade Bike show (which means I win the wife of the year award).  Mark was in heaven and spent the 3 plus hours walking around with a huge nerd grin on his face,  I mostly walked around remarking that bike guys certainly know how to cultivate the funkiest of bodily odors (pooooooo)

It was kinda fun for me to see the similarities between a bike show and a craft show though… I suppose it just depends on what you are into,  chrome bags and handmade bikes or screen printed tee shirts and handmade 2d toys.

This week was mostly spent on making  Easter Bun Buns…..

I love Easter,  it’s the promise of Spring and warmer weather and budding flowers and more importantly it is the holiday that has the best chocolate………..mmmmmmm cadbury’s creme eggs.  I guess we got a while to wait for Easter but fortunatly the choccies have already started appearing in the shops (and in my refridgerator)  yaaaaaaaaay.