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Another familiar face

Thursday, August 30th, 2007

Another critter in the bag…….teehee critter bags maybe I should look into that…….hmmmmm.  Well anyway here he is,  everyone’s favourite cynical,  lasagne loving,  Odie hatin’,  fat cat………


Garfield  Garfield

I loved Garfield as a kid,  probably because he had such an ideal lifestyle  ; )

And other that that not to much going on over here in the stabby world,  although I did get Lewis (the Himalayan kitten) to be the  spokesmodel for Ekra’s cat toy rattlers.  Long story very short  I bought those crazy looking cat toys toys from a lovely woman at the Madison market…….and the boys just went crazy for them,  so of course I had to get more for them (inevitably the more they love something the quicker it’s destroyed or goes “missing in action” ) and I also had to get some for my friends cats (ok it’s official I’m a crazy cat person).    Anyway I sent a customer approval photo for Emily and she put Lewis on her blog……..yaaaaaaay  look Ekra hearts happy cats.

Finished Gnome

Friday, August 24th, 2007

Well I finished little Emlin completely, and thought I’d share him finished with you guys.

emlin   emlin

fishing rod fishing rod

So as you can see I made little Emlin a fishing rod from a little twig, and he caught a little silver trout that is still hanging at the end of his line. If you want to read his story click on meet my critters he is waaaaaaay down the bottom and his story is all there.

I’ve got webbed feet!!!

Thursday, August 23rd, 2007

There has been so much rain here in the good ole midwest,  it’s starting to get deppressing.  I think there has been a thunderstorm every night, and seeing as how it’s not that much longer till the nights start getting darker earlier, I demand that the rain stops immediatly. Oooh I hope that works,  if not for me then for my big,  stupid,  old pussycat……….thunder terrifies him,   but when it’s everynight he’s scurrying off to hide it’s starts to get a little sad.

Anyway what have I been up to besides bitching about the weather? Well I made this little guy….gnome gnome

He’s still not finished yet…I want to go and get a stick for a fishing rod for him to have behind his back……maybe even give him a little fish on the end of it, we will see,  and I still haven’t though of his name either.  He is completely different to any of my other critters,  and to be honest I am not a huge fan of gnomes……but I think making the toadstool pins had the idea of him niggling away at me, so who am I to disagree.


Tuesday, August 14th, 2007

I finished with my new Art-0-Mat project……..yaaaaay!!!

art-o-mat critters
I love doing stuff for the Art-o-Mat and it’s really funny to think where my little critters will wind up and with whom they will reside, but after making about 30 of them I start to wish I could be done now. (I like to try and send at least 50)

Anyway I made different series of critters from the last ones which were the mouse, cat and frog. This time I went with a Monkey, a Snake and a Lion. I am really pleased with how they turned out I just hope people like them.

lion  art-o-mat monkey  art-o-mat snake

I had the strangest weekend last weekend. My husband entered the Dairyland Dare in Wisconsin. He is a crazy single speed nut and wrote about his experience here if you are into that kind of thing……..I am not. I am not being mean (well maybe a lttle) but I really hate bikes and everything about them, and getting up at 3 am on Saturday morning to drive Markie to Wisconsin for the 5 am race start didn’t help to endear myself to them any either. It also meant that I had the joy of getting to Madison at just before 7am to wander zombie like around the farmers market.

I did snag some fantastic bargains in urban outfitters though (I love their half off all sale item sales)

I got this for $10.00

full vinyl

It’s really, really cool and I have wanted it for a while but it’s normally $30.00.   I love all the kid robot stuff and it features them and other cool vinyl collectibles

and this for $4.00


It certainly lives up to it’s name. I can’t wait to make the bunnies.

I also hit up The glitterworkshop and finally bought the T-shirt I have coveted since the first time I went in there…….


How can you not love a tee that features devil kitty bum?

Anyway that was my weekend…….How was yours?

Hello my name is Lulu

Tuesday, August 7th, 2007

and I am a knitters little helper addict. Has any one else ever used this stuff? I admit I bought it because I was suckered in by the cute little tin….

knitters little helper

But the wool roving does really dry out my hands, and this stuff does not affect the wool at all……how great is that? and it smells fantastic too. I have been rubbing it on every 10 mins or so…….it’s fantastic.

Saturday in Chicago was fantastic, the Renegade Handmade store was absolutely gorgeous. Beautiful inside and out, their displays were fantastic and they had tons of my paper crane…….it was very hard to resist buying everything, although my hubby makes this easier by saying you should make it yourself everytime I ooooed and aaahhhhed at something……….I am sure this makes us popular in most stores.

I am still in the process of making critters for the art – o – mat. 15 done 35 + to go. I’ll share them as soon as I am done I promise.  I’m loving the lions maybe I’ll make a larger one when I am done…….

Tippy the hippy hedgehog

Friday, August 3rd, 2007

tippy tippytippy

Another new creation…… Tippy the hedgehog.  I love her spikes.  I will put her in my etsy sore as soon as I can take a decent piccie of her.   She looks cool in person but  I’m a dork with the camera…….patoooey!!!

I’m so excited as Carol at the art-o-mat let me know the last of my stabby critters were sent to the Whitney museum of art in NYC……waaaaaah that’s thrilling,  I’m in the Whitney!!!! ok,ok…….not “in” the Whitney but  in the art-o-mat machine that is inside the Whitney……..that still counts to me.  Actually the fact that they are in New York is just as exciting to me…..I am starting my new art-o-mat project asap……….I’ve already done a few  a monkey and a snake and a lion is in the works…..

I’ll share them with you soon.

Feeling Fruity

Thursday, August 2nd, 2007

I made these cute little pins for my etsy store

fruity pins

I am really happy with how they turned out very cute particularly the cherries

cherry pin apple pin apple pin

It’s nice to have little things in the shop, and I’m thinking these little pins are going to be appearing on everything I own……

Going to Chicago on Saturday to check out this place Renegade Handmade.  I never knew this place existed and can’t wait to skeck it out……probably won’t be as cool as The Glitter Workshop  in Madison though but as you know I am all about the artsy fartsy craft stores so will have to go.