Tippy the hippy hedgehog

tippy tippytippy

Another new creation……..meet Tippy the hedgehog.  I love her spikes.  I will put her in my etsy sore as soon as I can take a decent piccie of her.   She looks cool in person but  I’m a dork with the camera…….patoooey!!!

I’m so excited as Carol at the art-o-mat let me know the last of my stabby critters were sent to the Whitney museum of art in NYC……waaaaaah that’s thrilling,  I’m in the Whitney!!!! ok,ok…….not “in” the Whitney but  in the art-o-mat machine that is inside the Whitney……..that still counts to me.  Actually the fact that they are in New York is just as exciting to me…..I am starting my new art-o-mat project asap……….I’ve already done a few  a monkey and a snake and a lion is in the works…..

I’ll share them with you soon.

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  1. clothmatters Says:

    I love Tippy the Hedgehog, especially her spikey hair. Congratulations on having her in the art-o-mat exhibit. Well done.

  2. admin Says:

    You are so sweet Connie.

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