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Critter clips and star slides

Thursday, May 29th, 2008

ladybird clip      ladybird clip

bear clip   monkey clip

elephant clip   star clip

Ok so I’ve been busier than I let on,  but I figuered these clips look better in photographs if there is a certain quantity of them…..they also look better pictured in the hair of some angelic looking toddler but I don’t know any of them so I have to make do with my graying mop.

star clip
I figuered the stars made sense for July 4th celebrations (it’s funny that now I think of products when it’s comes to holidays…..I used to just think of food) and I loved how they turned out so I quickly realised I needed critter clips for the shop.

Taking the pics of the back of my head made me realise how badly I need a haircut…….dammit…….the pressure of getting a decent haircut.

Another Reason….

Tuesday, May 27th, 2008

why I love, love, love flickr…….

A little over a month ago whilst perusing my friend and contacts photos I came across this sweet lil’ guy made by Raggy Ratraggy rat’s mousey

I love Raggy Rat’s handmade toys (my personal faves being her rats and mice) so I of course had to leave a comment letting her know just how cute I think he was…. and joy of joys she was up for trading him for a needle felting kit. So he arrived on Friday and I absolutely adore him, he pretty much hangs out with bubbletime’s cats and Skippy the Beastly (I think he secretly enjoys being bigger than them)


Anyway you should check out Raggy Rats flikr pics to see for yourself how well made and unique her handmade toys are. I hope she loves needle felting as much as I do.
And other than my new mousey nothing much else going on over here at the mo. Just trying to make schtuff for the Craftacular but feeling very lackadaisical about it as I still have a month solid of crafting before crunchtime (June 28th)

New Schtuff

Friday, May 23rd, 2008

I haven’t been in the mood to needlefelt this week………gasp, shock…. what!!!???!!! Don’t worry this isn’t the first time this has happened, generally if I take a wee break from it I’m itching to get back to it …….so I have used my “time off ” to make new mobiles this week….. for some unknown reason when the felting bug leaves me the sewing bug comes into town.
I figuered it was about time I got on with new mobiles Lord knows I’ve had enough requests to make different ones so here they are I’ll put them in the shop of course if you wanna check them out there.
crabby mobile  crabby mobile

Feelin’ crabby

moo cows moo cows

Moo cows

what a hoot what a hoot

What a Hoot

acorns acorns

Little acorns

So that’s been my week of sewing and stuffing, I think the owls are my favourites but being a cancerian I do really like the crabs too.


Monday, May 19th, 2008

I guess it’s no secret that I like computer games,  I mean I’ve made enough Mario’s and Yoshi’s to have given me away at this point right?  It’s kinda funny that I’ve never thought of this as particularly geeky before,  it’s only when listing these items on Etsy that the Geekery word comes into play.   Anyway I guess I’m proud of being a geek as I just finished a little master chief from Halo for Danielle.

master Chief   master Chief

My husband is obsessed with this game so needless to say I will be making another one soon.

I’m Baaaaack

Friday, May 16th, 2008

I did tell you I was going to Vegas right?   Oh ooops sorry  I guess I forgot to mention it here.   Anyway as always it was fantastic I mean where else in the world is the cop shop manned by Elvis?

elvis at the cop shop

I had my fix of blackjack for the year………ooooooh I love blackjack and I seem to do well at breaking even playing it,  well except for one night but that’s a different story ( and a very short and not very  good one at that either…..waaaaaah!!!)

We stayed at the new Planet Hollywood formerly known as the Alladin and as much as I adored Alladin they did a really nice job on PH.  All the rooms are movie themed and our room was the 90’s movie Made in America that starred Whoopi Goldberg and Ted Danson,  so for 4 nights I got to look at Nia Long’s pj’s suspended in a perspex box………I swear to God I would awake in the middle of the night convinced someone was standing at the side of the bed I mean look for yourselfmade in america

More than just a little bit freaky huh?   I also got to spread some Etsy love,  one of the dealers at Treasure Island asked what I did and when I told her I made toys she was facinated by how I sold them as she had never heard of Etsy (there’s a surprise..oh how I wish they would advertise)  anyway she makes her own power bars and granola as she loves to hike and didn’t like any commercially  made bar……….who’d have thought a Vegas dealer who loves the handmade life…. anyway I hope she does sign up and start selling them on there.   Giving her the napkin with the website info written on it was like passing secrets to the soviets during the cold war it had to be approved by the pit boss and I know the cameras were honing on it like crazy.

Anyway in other news my little Mario is featured on cuteables.  It was a lovely surprise to find that out this morning and I’m also going to be in the Summer Craftacular at the High Noon in June………so I guess I had better get busy it seems like it has been a while since I’ve made a critter……..gaaaaaah!!!!

New Bloomers

Monday, May 5th, 2008

I am of course refering to these Daisies

daisies   daisies

I added them to the shop if you want to check them out.

I’m feeling a little better back wise thanks to the icy hot patch…..mmmm mentholy goodness, although it makes the cats sneeze……is it wrong that I find that amusing?

Two new etsy purchases (hey I’m feeling sorry for myself, so I’m allowed!!!) that I can’t wait to getcamera pouch

alice pouch

They are zippered wallets made by etsy seller kaylah7 you should check out her shop I love the fabrics that she uses for her pouches.

The camera one I’m going to use as a camera case (ooooh aren’t I clever) and the Alice in wonderland I just wanted because of the cheshire cat………sigh I kinda miss mine but I know he is in a good home.

Have you ever …

Sunday, May 4th, 2008

done something so stupid you almost wanted to laugh at yourself for being so stupid? I would laugh, if it didn’t hurt so bad that is. So what did I do? I hear you ask. Well I went grocery shopping yesterday and carried too many bags at the one time…. lost my balance and landed on my arse……now this may have been the point where I laughed at my stupidity, other than the fact that I couldn’t move. Yup shooting pains in my back everytime I attempted to untangle myself from my groceries……thank god I was at home at least. So here I sit still a little achey but much better than yesterday……..yaaaaay for ibuprofin.

Anyway this whole week I’ve been working on commissions and I wanted to show you one of them today Link from legend of Zelda   Link from legend of Zelda

It’s Link from the legend of Zelda. He was brilliant fun to make, I loved the idea of Link throwing chickens that Jennifer wanted and I hope she will be pleased when she sees him.