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Lulu in LaLa Land

Monday, February 14th, 2011

So initially I came up with the title of this post to tell you all about my California vacation,  but as the days dragged on and my procrastinating about blogging continued,  I figured it was an apropos title for my sloth like behavior since returning from the land of blue skies to the land of snow and ice.

California was wonderful.  The Del Coronado was it’s usual wonderful, welcoming self and many a day was spent hanging out with my Coronado island buddy Marie whilst Markie was attending his protein conference.

Marie is a super talented artsy type, and she makes fabulous bags and goodies and she is super nice and the perfect Thelma to my Louise…..

A lot of time was also spent on the beach rescuing critters from gulls

Do you see the size of the little guy?  He was huge,  and so were the 2 gulls who had found him before I did……… fortunately for him they backed off when I came crashing along the beach looking for sand dollars.  He is still living his crabby life,  just a little further up the beach now.

La or Smell A as Marie calls it was brilliant too.  It was truly the Hollywood experience this time around as they were filming the muppet movie less than a block from our hotel.  It was so great to watch the big song and dance number being filmed outside the El Capitan I was so excited to see Miss Piggy and the gang (I was a huge fan as a kid never missed a show) and we made a buddy in Tom the extra…….he was hilarious and made watching the filming extra entertaining.   We also got to discover that Jason Segel cannot dance and Amy Adams has the patience of a saint.

It was so cool as they filmed on Hollywood Blvd almost every night of our stay……so I was very disappointed they had finished the night before we left……what would we do instead?  Oh I know hang out with paparazzi outside Katsuya by stark and watch the stars arrive to be photographed and seen…….oh I mean get dinner (ahem,  yeah right!).  In the 40 mins we waited we got all the celebrity gossip from the papazzi and saw Lorenzo Lamas (remember him?) apparently he’s going to be on dancing with the stars so he caused a flurry of activity for the paps and someone I was actually excited to see Nicole Scherzinger of the pussycat dolls……she was really nice and smelled so good,  she must spray herself with perfume constantly.

I did get a piccie snapped of me and Nicole but no I wont share it………….it does nothing for my self esteem.

So along with lots of shopping and eating and hanging out it was the perfect break from the cold snowy days.  Sorry it took me so long to share my news,  I’ll be back to share all the crittery goods I’ve been working on and am working on really soon……..promise,  and my fingers aren’t crossed.