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Meet me in St. Louis, Louis

Friday, October 29th, 2010

Meet me at the rally

In a few hours we are heading of to St louis for the weekend for the Daily show’s  rally to restore sanity and or fear……the main event is actually happening on the national mall in DC but there will be a craft fair going on at the base of the gateway arch and beer and food vendors and a giant jumbotron showing the rally live ……..How cool is that?  I’m very excited about it,  I am also excited that thanks to the wonder of Hotwire we are staying at the mega fancy Hyatt St Louis Arch hotel tonight……yipppppppeeeeee.  What a fantastic weekend I cant wait!!

Some new Christmassy critters will be making the trip with us (is it too early?  I can never tell)

I told you I had been busy…….I love the santa hat wearing pengies……I got these little felt santa hats and I think they look absolutely perfect on the lil’ guys.

So now it’s back to packing and prepping for the trip (groan) not my favourite thing in the whole world but I can’t wait to get on the road so I guess it’s worth it.  Hope I see you in St Louis for the fun.

All coming together…..

Monday, October 25th, 2010

Usually a blog post doesn’t happen because I have nothing to tell you guys, or nothing much has been going on in Stabbyland………but this time the complete opposite is true.  Stabbyland is bursting at the seams with news and fun stuff.

First of all my winter show schedule is starting to come together and looks like this

Oct 30th – Rally to Restore Sanity/March to Keep Fear Alive at the Gateway Arch

This will be so cool,  it’s affiliated with the daily show’s rally that is going on simultaneously in Washington DC (how I miss living in DC……..sigh) and will have a mini craft fair at the base of the St. Louis arch…….sweeeeeeeeeet.

November 6th – Red Sled Holiday Bazaar at Ogden school La Grange Ill 9 – 3

Love the Red sled show!!

November 14th – The Crafty Fair Madison Wi

This should be so much for fun,  it’s organized by Rosy of recreative crafts and I just love her.

November 27 and 28, 2010 11am – 5.00pm  -Bucktown Bazaar – weekend after Thanksgiving at the Holstein Park field house Chicago Illinois.

December 2nd – Rockford Handmade Market –  from 4-10pm at the Prairie Street Brewhouse Rockford Ill

I can’t wait for this one…….it sounds bizarre to say I have never done a craft show in Rockford when it is where I live but there ya go it’s the odd truth.  It will be nice to not have to drive for hours or get a hotel and i’ll get to meet other creative crafty Rockford types……yaaaaaaaaaaaaay win win.

December 11th and 12th – Bazaar Bizarre – 78th Street Studios, 1300 W. 78th St, Cleveland OH 10am – 5pm

Love me some bazaar bizarre plus it has the double bonus of hanging out in Cleveland with Oblina knit and her booth mate Michelle and maybe even the rather awesome knitgrrl

So now you see why I haven’t been blogging, I’ve been mega stabbying in preparation for these awesome events.

I did manage to finally check out Zip Dang in Madison this past weekend though…….yaaaaaaaaaaay it was awesome.  It’s owned by the rather fabulous Natalie of Orangyporangy and her hubby Mike and they have done a tremendous job of putting together an absolutely gorgeous store.

I got this incredibly cool 1950’s era vintage pendleton wool jacket

and I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love it…….I can’t even bear to put it in the closet as it makes me smile to even see it……I’m pretty sure it’s going to be extremely well worn this winter (spring, summer, autumn).

The other brilliant bit of news is that the Glitterworkshop is opening a new Brick and Mortar store……..yaaaaaaaaaay !!!  It was a sad day when Naomi closed the original store on East Johnston but the new glitterworkshop is going to be bigger and better and over on Mineral road.  Can’t wait for it to open!

I’ll blog soon (promise) showing the new wintery goodies I’m working on……..