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All work and no play……

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

Means Lulu has a ton of schtuff to share with you………

I figure it might be a little overwhelming to show you everything I’ve been up to,  so today I’m going to show you my Christmas Chubby Chirpers

A little robin wearing a santa hat.  Robin’s always make me feel Christmassy even the large American kind always represent colder snowy December days to me and this little guy can’t wait for Christmas either.

I think my favourite part of Christmas is all the yummy treats and sugary treats I constantly throw down my throat every second of the Holidays which made me think of the ultimate Holiday treat

yummy Christmas pud

So I know, I know I said I was rebelling against making Christmas schtuff…….looks like I really am a rebel without a clue cos’ I’ve made loads of new goodies and these are just a little taste of what’s to come…….I don’t think I’ll add them to the shop yet,  it seems just a little to early to do that,   do you agree?

Cos ya gotta have friends……..

Sunday, August 24th, 2008

Well not me,  but Garfield has a fair few now…….let’s see I’ve made Garfield, Odie, Arlene, Pooky that’s everyone in Garfield and friends right?    wrong!!!!! look who we are forgetting……

It’s Jon Arbuckle,  Garfield’s walking can opener and Nermal the world’s cutest kitten.   I won’t lie to you Jon was very tricksy to tackle,  mostly because I had to invent his mouth area as he only has a line for a mouth in cartoon form which didn’t convey well in wool

See what I mean?    So I just had to think -  what would that look like in a 3d mouth?  and I came up with the top lip being more pronounced…….I think it looks quite effective and still looks like Jon.

Nermal was a lot of fun to make as he really looks a lot like Garfield but in gray indsted of ginger

So these guys are a custom order and will be shipping out to join Garfield soon…………..

And that’s pretty much how I’ve spent my week,  how was yours?

I told you …..

Wednesday, August 20th, 2008

I’d figure out a use for my excess acorns…….yup excess as something wonderful may be happening to the majority of them (keep your fingers crossed and I’ll share with you soon).  Anyway what do you think of my Autumnal door hangers?

I really liked how they turned out so that means of course

I have one on my door……….which meant I made a few extras that I will add to the shop of course.  I’m also working on something a lot more seasonal which is always a little odd when it’s so warm outside but hey welcome to the crazy world of a crafter.

Squirrels in Madison must hate me…..

Monday, August 18th, 2008

Why?  I hear you ask………well because I stole their lunch

It was fun collecting the acorns from around the capitol in Madison although I was convinced that at some point  I was going to get attacked by an irate squirrel, and people were looking at us very strangely as I inspected each one before depositing it into my handbag.  Sunday was spent yanking the nuts out and making the felty nuts.  I have big plans for these lil’ guys but if that doesn’t pan out I have a ton of Autumnal ideas for them involving thoughts of wreaths and bunting and perhaps pins………anyway those are just plans in my head….. for now.

In good news I finally managed to harass OrangyPorangey into bringing some T-shirts to the market ……..yaaaaaay   I got this one

I love her T-shirts and I’m hoping she will eventually make more as the designs are fantastic so I will continue to harrass her on a weekly basis so that she eventually breaks down and makes them………or just breaks down I guess,  I’m relentless.

In Kidrobot news I can’t tell you how excited I am for these guys to come out

How cool are they?  I so want Itchy and Scratchy although a Lisa would be brilliant too and very apropos dontcha think?

And other than that I’m working on a couple of commissions that hopefully I will share with you soon…..right better get back to it then.

The kindness of strangers….

Monday, August 11th, 2008

About a week ago I received the sweetest, friendliest email from a fellow Art-o-mat artist.  She was going through her crafting stash and had a lot of wool roving she wanted to give to me……yup you heard right give, free, gratis……and as much as I tried to offer her some critters or a little quid pro quo  she wasn’t having it.

Imagine my surprise when I got this huge box in the mail today

Not only is there a ton of wool she also included a handmade frame, about a million buttons,  some bobbly fringing, yarn and some nifty folding scissors………there was even some cat toys but those are now dispersed in the apartment and no one is willing to let me claim them to photograph them……damn cats!!!

Anyone I am so shocked by this genorisity that a box of crittery goodness will be heading your way soon Valerie.   Thanks so much again it made a lovely start to my Monday morning.

When I set my mind to doing something…..

Thursday, August 7th, 2008

I get that something done

50 new goodies for the Art-o-mat.  And in record time …..I’m telling ya guilt works brilliantly on me ….that and diamond jewelry obviously (don’t want you guys thinking you can get me some guilt for Christmas…trust me I have enough already)

So yeah I’m feeling mega accomplished and rather chuffed with myself………..I don’t think I’ve ever made so many in such a short period of time,   guess I should really make more and stop sitting on my laurels now though huh?

Two new online purchases I am also ecstatic with

First this totally brilliant linocut from Mis nopales art

I love this guy he is so cool I may have to get the squirrel too we will see,  and secondly my new awesome Oakley bag from Steep and Cheap my favorite online discount store.

It looks a bit crap in the piccie but it is actually really awesome as it all scrunches down and holds tons of schtuff……….at first I was disappointed when I saw it as it had absolutely no shape to it whatsoever but I cut up some cardboard and put it on the bottom and voila it’s completely cool and Lulu like, so I am thrilled. And it has a ton of zipper pockets so hopefully my endless search for ringing phones and purses in my regular black hole of a bag will be obliterated………well I can hope can’t I?

Just because…..

Monday, August 4th, 2008

I utterly refuse to think about Christmas just yet I made some Halloween goodies for the shop

I know I have to get on with thinking about Christmassy things but for right now I’m on Christmas strike.  Besides I’m working on Art-o-mat goodies now as I’m finally listed as one of their artists look ….how cool is that?  but it does me feel like they need some critters asap.

Oh and the Daggit is completely finished now  (I  still had to make a cylon visor and belt for him when I shared him with you)  what do you think?


Sunday, August 3rd, 2008

Ain’t nature grand?   I’m happy to report that my little experiment in balcony gardening has gone well,  just look at my banana peppers

and my tomato plants

Not that I really had to much to do with the process (besides applying water everyday)  but I am really proud of myself for my little edible garden……….

look what will be added to dinner tonight………………………….yaaaaaaaay  gosh I love nature