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Battlestar Galactica

Thursday, July 31st, 2008

You know I’ve never seen a single episode of Battlestar Galactica…….one of my friends was sure it would be right up my street and went so far as to buy us the first season on dvd and you know what I still haven’t taken it out of the shrink wrap……ooooops isn’t that terrible?   maybe I should watch it today,  I’m certainly in the mood to after finishing this odd little guy

It’s a daggit from the original show and this is the picture I mostly used for reference

awwww isn’t he a cutie?   My version isn’t quite finished yet as the customer wants him to have a removeable cylon visor and a utility belt…….and truth be told I’m happy to hang on to him a little while longer as I love him and secretely want to keep him……..ssshhhhh!!!! don’t tell anyone.

It occured to me that I didn’t show and tell my birthday goodies… here you are

From my friend Matt (thanks Matt) I got a kitty’s in Paris wristlet made by antiquebaglady I added this to my etsy favourites the minute I got back from the craftacular (her booth was beside mine) I had loved it first thing in the morning but didn’t snap it up fast enough.   The cards are by floatingpalace her cards are all hand printed and gorgeous and last but certainly not least is the rather beautiful Rosie the amigurami kitty by Myissag her whole store is full of gorgeousness.  I also got a gorgeous rug from the lovely Ekra at least I remember it being gorgeous I don’t really get to see it much anymore as Floyd has decided it is his

Going to San Diego really got Markie off the hook present wise………I guess that means he’s going to have to work harder for Christmas………eeeeek Christmas I can’t believe I said that!!!!!  the horror!!!!!!

365 days of awe

Sunday, July 27th, 2008

Well Ok more like 7 days and at San Diego Zoo it was more like Awwwww,  but still San Diego has left me California dreamin’.

Speaking of the zoo that’s where we headed on my birthday.  The place was absolutely huge,  I think we wound up staying there for 8 hours and we still hadn’t seen half of the place…..

I fell in love with these guys

awwww a lil’ sleepy koala,  I’d never seen a koala in real life before and they were utterly adoreable…..not the most active of critters though,  in fact I’m sure koala must be aboroginal for lazy wee bears but still I wish I could have taken him home.

sleepy panda

The pandas were a close second for the cute title although they were also a little sleepy,  hey I hope it wasn’t my company that caused these guys to feel drowsy?

The next day we went to the Hotel Del Coronado,  those who are fans of Marilyn Monroe (I’m obsessed with all things Marilyn) will recognise it instantly as the setting for the movie Some like it hot

separated at birth?…..or  maybe not.  I had wanted to see this hotel for ages it’s such a cool building and of course Marilyn was there.  Coronado is an isthmus near San Diego and it may have become my favourite isthmus (sorry Madison who knew there was another isthmus with golden beaches and perfect weather?)

Our hotel was near the gaslamp quarter and housed some pretty cool old buildings like this one

It originally housed one of Wyatt Earps gambling saloons  and the upper two floors was a brothel where the girls were colour co-ordinated with their room door……..gotta love cowboys huh?  I wanted to know what happened if you were colour blind but I guess it probably wasn’t that big a deal huh?

So I think  I may be a California girl… it’s such a laid back, perfect weather gorgeous beaches and tons to do kinda place but then I remember that I hate the beach (can’t stand sand in my toes)  love to see seasons change (Autumn is my favourite time of year) and like my people to be a little tighter wound guess I’m an East Coast girl at heart.

on, off and everywhere in between

Monday, July 14th, 2008

This past weekend we spent in Madison at the wonderous Art Fair on the square.   It’s such a cool art and craft event that happens out and around the state capitol building.   I actually prefer the crafts at the Art fair off the square as they are definitely more in my price range.. my favourite artist being Suzanne Miller.  She makes brilliant papier mache animals and such… I got two of her pieces last year and it was all I could do not to run to find her booth as soon as we hit the square

see all those hanging things?   Well I got a phoenix and I love him.

The other artists I was eager to check out was Circa Ceramics booth,  they were actually on the square and as always their work looked great…….one of these days I’m getting (at least) one of their vases it’s just hard to pick a favourite when they are all so cool

See what I mean

I also stopped by Anthology to drop of a box of Stabby Goodies…..I specifically made these candy hair clips for them as they like candy theme goodies (the store used to be a chocolate shop)

I wanted them to look like crazy Willy Wonka candies…….they are pretty cute even if I do say so myself.

I will add them to the shop next week as I am of to San Diego for a week  just in time for my birthday…….yeeeehaaaaw

Chubby Chirpers and Daily dramas….

Monday, July 7th, 2008

I thought I’d start this post on a positive happy note and show you my chubby chirpers…..

chubby chirpers    chubby chirpers

I originally made these for the craftacular and they sold really well so I decided to make a few of ’em and because I got rather addicted to making them (and that they are my new favourite things)  I also made a mobile

chubby chirpers mobile

So now for the drama………the reason I had so much time to make chirpers is because on Thursday I got the phonecall no one married to anyone who cycles wants to get………..”lulu I’ve just been hit by a car……..but I think I’m fine……..oh I’ll call you back the ambulance is here”  click……    eh?  what?  where are you?    hello!!!! hello!!!!!    oh shit     he blogged about it here  so you can see his knackered bike and broken hand if you want.    So yeah drama isn’t my favourite thing in the world I just thank god he’s basically ok although he is seeing a specialist about his hand tommorrow………keep your fingers crossed his hand is ok cos’ he sure can’t.

Henri’s mobile

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2008

The lovely Naomi  ( of Glitterworkshop and organizer of the rather fabulous Craftaculars)  is expecting an ickle baby,  and had asked me to make a forest friend mobile for Henri’s room…….and here it is

forest friend mobile    forest friend mobile

I hope she likes it,  personally I love it…….which amuses me as I was sorta hesitant at making it.  I don’t know why I don’t make more needle felt mobiles really,  in my mind I think it takes so long to needle felt the pieces but seeing as how I hand sew the other ones there really isn’t too much of a difference,  I guess once I get an idea in my head it takes a while to shift it.   Anyway I may eventually make more when I have a moment……..oooooh which really gets my mind clicking over with possibilities.