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Happy New Year!!!

Friday, January 4th, 2008

So here it is ….the first blog post of 2008.  I was trying to say something clever  and that would tie up the New Year sentiments perfectly…….but all I could come up with was……….errrr……….Happy New Year!!!!!

Well heck if you want depth go read Deepak Chopra…….

Anyway New Year must mean new critter …and here he is

claude  claude

His name is Claude the Stinky and he is the best friend of the one and only (though he smells like many) Pepe Le pew.

Although Claude and Pepe are best buds they are as alike as chalk and cheese……….

So my new year’s resolution is to try and be more productive this year……….we will see how long that lasts

Craftacular was awesome

Monday, November 26th, 2007

craftacular  craftacular

Wow what a great weekend,  I had such a fantastic time at the craftacular and can I just say what a well organised put together organised show it was.  Big round of applause for Naomi of Glitterworkshop and Emily of EKRA they really couldn’t have done a better job…….they even got the show on the  Madison morning news,  which ensured a lot of people and when I say a lot I really mean a LOT of people and fantastically nice,  warm people at that.

I had a brilliant location beside another fantastic vendor Kittygrrlz.  Her handspun yarn made me wish I could knit and she spun yarn (when she wasn’t busy) and it was truly mesmerising to watch.  I bought a really cute Christmas ornament from Poor Lost Bread I loved her croissants with berets but the ornament was just too cute to not be mine.

But it truly was a great show and all the vendors were fantastic and the booths were all lovely to behold.

In other news some of my critters are featured over on Qdpatooties blog.  Lisa (of Qdpatooties) did a fantastic job over the Thanksgiving holiday of doing a parade of toys by wonderful toy makers and it was a real honour to be included in it.  If you have a moment to vote for me I would sure appreciate it.