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I love New York!!!

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

Yup as predicted my birthday weekend in New york was brilliant.  I got so many cool things to share with you,  like this yarn bombed bike spotted in Greenwich village

And my new custom made muppet

mine is the orange fuzzy guy in the trenchcoat on the far left,  and I think he turned out looking a bit like Zach Galifianakis so I instantly named him Zach.  He was so fun to make at the muppet workshop in FAO Schwartz and I had a blast carrying him around New york for the rest of the day………forget having a cute dog to start a conversation with strangers just walk around town  with a muppet,  everyone wants to be your friend.

In fancy schmancy news we wanted to check out  Gordon Ramsey’s  Maze restaurant at the London Hotel and it was a lovely brunch treat

I had the Pan roasted wing of skate preserved lemons, ratatouille, caper and almond butter and Markie had the eggs Benedict and as absolutely delicious as everything tasted,  you wouldn’t want to go in starving if you know what I’m sayin’.   Which is the opposite of Asalt and Battery in the village

………hmmmmm lots of fish and chips and no I didn’t have the deep fried mars bar before you ask……far too sweet for my taste although it is where I first tasted one a number of years ago.

So New York was every bit as brilliant as I remembered it was and I had a fabulous birthday with lots of treats (can you say sale at the Lulu Guinness store………..yaaaaaaaaaaay).


So now it’s back to work as this Sunday I am back at the Sowa Market.  And I have some new goodies I’m working on and need to get finished.

woohoo for the weekend!!!

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

This weekend is going to be the best weekend ever!!!!  That’s right it’s my birthday on Sunday (yaaaaaaaaaay)  and we are heading to New York for a weekend away.  As much as I’m loving exploring Beantown (and believe me I have a lot more ‘splorin’ to do)  but I am so excited to be heading back to New York.  It’s been 5 years since I’ve been to New York (lordy where does the time go?) and I can’t wait to see how the little island has changed…….plus Harry Potter is in a Broadway show (ok, ok  I know ….Daniel Radcliffe) so I may have to get tickets while I’m there eeeeeeeeeek I am so excited!!!

Speaking of Harry Potter do you have your tickets for the Deathly Hallows yet?  I have had mine for a while and as much as I can’t wait to see it,  I am dreading it all being over.  I have loved that new Harry has appeared every year just in time for my birthday and that this is going to be the last year is more than a little sad……..sigh,  oh well it was wonderful while it lasted….

I think I’ll have a Harry movie watching marathon……starting now.

Fun stuff

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

I am just loving my new apartment,  we have a balcony which is brilliant for sitting out and enjoying the weather but doubley brilliant for enjoying the chirpers

We have a lot of other birdies that come and enjoy our feeder but I managed to have my camera near me when the grosbeak, cardinals and jay stopped by (which is really rare for me as normally I’m not at all prepared).

It certainly has been very exciting for one new critter………Spencer

Spencer is the neighbor’s cat,  but he just loves hanging out with us……….especially at lunch time and dinner time or if a new fire is lit in the grate………….unless of course the neighbors are home.  I’ll add Spencer to the shop  which I’m excited about doing as he will be the first new critter that I’ve added for ages.








Havin’ a whaley good time….

Friday, July 1st, 2011

Ok, ok I apologize for the terrible pun,   I just wanted to show you how I spent last weekend.

We went whale watching…and it was awesome!!!!!  If you are in the Boston area it’s a really great way to spend the day.  The whales are incredible to watch,  and they seem to like the attention as they come very close to the boat.  The ferry was fun too (thankfully the sea wasn’t that choppy) and allowed me to see Boston from a whole new angle

Boston sure is a pretty place.

This weekend is a Sowa Market Sunday for me and the critters and I have some new goodies made to come with me including a new big guy…..I’ll post in a bit and show ’em off to you I just wanted to show you a bit of randomness for now.