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Home again…..

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

Well the leaves weren’t all brown (does autumn ever really happen in California?) but the skies were kinda grey (I don’t think I had ever seen rain in California before but I’ve certainly seen it now) and we did go for lots of walks……………so 2 out of 3 ain’t bad huh?

In truth we got very lucky with the weather the week in San Diego was beautiful,  nothing but blue skies all the way.  And I got to reconnect with the love of my life…………….The Hotel Del

And we had the best room ever,  a complete view of the hotel from the front windows and the pacific and the beach from the side…….it was lovely waking up every morning (not something I would ever say) and falling asleep to the sound of the sea was something I would love to get very used to.

San Francisco had lots of highs and lows (barump bum ding) It was around this time the weather changed so we saw lots of rains.  It kinda reminded me of British summertime very overcast and rainy but not particularly cold………This didn’t stop us having a great time though,  we ate sushi from conveyor boats in Japan town

yummmmmm and did I tell you how much I love Japan town?  Everything is super kawaii it’s ridiculous,  the motto in Japan appears to be be if it doesn’t have a face,  what’s the point?  I stocked up on much cuteness.

And checked out the sealions everyday

I am glad to be home though……….as I found out the exciting news that I am going to be doing the Valentine Craftacular at the High Noon in Madison

eeeeeek so exciting,  but I gotta get busy as critter stock is very low,  and I am thinking of new critter boxes to make in honour of the show.

The best part  of being home……

Floyd was thrilled with his vacation hat……..can’t you tell?

Gone Fishing…..

Saturday, January 9th, 2010

But all I caught was some silly love bugs

They are pretty cute but they have a pretty effective little bite……….buggers!!!

I also made some Valentine candies

So basically I am just excited to be going to California tomorrow.  The snow is still thick on the ground here,  and it’s bloomin’ freezing to boot,  the thought of spending some time outdoors on the beach makes me jump for joy.  Making the valentine’s goodies did make  me excited for spring and Easter and warmer weather though………..alright see you in two weeks.

Happy New Year……

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

Wow it’s already going fast isn’t it?  I mean I can’t believe it’s already the 5th!!!!  OK sure I have been very lazy this holiday season,  but still.

I didn’t make resolutions this year as I tend to make the same ones every year…  and then break them all within the first 20 mins , so I’m just going to stick with making more critters and being a better blogger……..let’s see how I do.

So how was your holiday?  get everything you wanted?  a few of my highlights

Awesome new ornaments from beastlies and girl on the rocks that I just couldn’t resist and bought for myself for my Christmas tree this year.

It turned into a very beastlie Christmas as my friend Matt sent these 2 little guys along for the party …….thanks Matt,  I adore them!!!

prawn cocktail an essential part of our Christmas dinner………yummmmmmmmm  and chocolate milk

an essential part of pussy cat Christmas………….Sandy Paws was very good to the boys this year.

So a few highlights of Christmas,   and now I’m waiting for the 10th as we are California bound again……..yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

Staying again at the Hotel Del……….otherwise known as my happy place,  sigh I can’t wait as it’s also our 11 year wedding anniversary on the 14th and there is no more perfect a place to be to celebrate it.