Happy New Year……

Wow it’s already going fast isn’t it?  I mean I can’t believe it’s already the 5th!!!!  OK sure I have been very lazy this holiday season,  but still.

I didn’t make resolutions this year as I tend to make the same ones every year…  and then break them all within the first 20 mins , so I’m just going to stick with making more critters and being a better blogger……..let’s see how I do.

So how was your holiday?  get everything you wanted?  a few of my highlights

Awesome new ornaments from beastlies and girl on the rocks that I just couldn’t resist and bought for myself for my Christmas tree this year.

It turned into a very beastlie Christmas as my friend Matt sent these 2 little guys along for the party …….thanks Matt,  I adore them!!!

prawn cocktail an essential part of our Christmas dinner………yummmmmmmmm  and chocolate milk

an essential part of pussy cat Christmas………….Sandy Paws was very good to the boys this year.

So a few highlights of Christmas,   and now I’m waiting for the 10th as we are California bound again……..yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

Staying again at the Hotel Del……….otherwise known as my happy place,  sigh I can’t wait as it’s also our 11 year wedding anniversary on the 14th and there is no more perfect a place to be to celebrate it.

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