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Is it Spring yet?

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

Hello from Snowy Boston.


And of course that’s my mailbox that the wind had opened and stuffed with snow……..grrrrrrr that was lucky or not.

All this snow has me yearning for spring and all things summery and green.  I am dreaming of trips to Plum Island and walking on the beach which is why I have made beachy critters



I already added them to the shop ,  I just wish I could take them to the beach for a photo shop, but I am so not hardy enough for the chilly  bracing winds that would be awaiting us.

We are preparing for this weekends impending snowstorm………(waaaaaaaaa NO!!!!!)  So I’m off to stack some logs for the fire,  which if I’m honest is one of the things that makes me happy about snow weather warnings…….yaaaaaaay for roaring fires.  And I am currently applying for shows and new critter creating I’ll keep you posted on how that turns out.