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Bees ain’t got nothing on me……..

Monday, July 26th, 2010

Yeah I’m looking at the bees buzzing around and all I can think is……….slackers!!!!  So apologies for the lack of blog updates but something had to give and the poor ole blog has suffered.

Yup but lookeee at my new captured critters

A little bee, ladybird and hedgie…….I’m loving the way these guys have turned out  and it had me thinking of a bigger captured critter so I grabbed my trusty fairy net and managed to snag

Norm the gnome……….He doesn’t seem that keen on being captured but luckily the glass is pretty thick so his protestations can barely be heard.  I’ve also been busy working on the goody insert for the craftacular bags (yup the first 50 lucky people to walk through the doors at the East Side Club in Madison Wisconsin  on August 15th will be getting a goody bag),  and trying to get stores restocked (something I’ve been a little slow at sorry guys),  all while trying to enjoy the beautiful sunny Illinois summer…….god how I adore summer,  never will you hear me complain about the heat, humidity and thunderstorms I love it all.

Okay so I’m off, back to work so much still to be done before the Crafter’s round up

Can’t believe it’s less than 2 weeks away……….gaaaaaaaaah!!!!! don’t panic!!!!!


Thursday, July 15th, 2010

I’m very excited today…….cos I just got the fantastic news that I am in to Strangefolk, YAAAAAAAY!!!!

I am so thrilled to be part of this show,  the name alone makes me feel right at home……..eeeeeeeek I thought I was busy before though.

So that means my Summer show schedule now looks like this

August 7th and 8th  The Crafters round up at Chase Park Chicago Illinois

The Summer Craftacular In Madison, WI

then of course the strangefolk festival

This past weekend was my 2nd favourite Madison event (the first being Maxwell street days which is this weekend) it was art fair on (and off) the square

There was tons of visually brilliant booths and I got a few goodies (of course) but this Saturday is my birthday so Markie won’t let me have them till then……….pooooooooooh.  I was in my element wandering aimlessly around the wonderful artists until the call of the terrace hit us,  nothing beats a pitcher of beer and a brat from the terrace in summer even when the heavens opened up and chucked it down it’s  still one of my favourite Madison spots

Love the terrace chairs,  they are just so cheery and did you know you can buy ’em…….makes me want a garden patio really bad,  of course it would need a bar and someone grilling brats but still.

Ok really do have to get very busy now,  before I start freaking out about my lack of critters…………gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!

I’m Back…..

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

Wow what an utterly fantastic weekend in Cleveland,  Bazaar Bizarre was so much fun as were the hundreds of people who stopped by to say hi to the critters,  Smithy even decided he liked Cleveland so much he was going to stay and call it home…

Wanna see a picture of the booth with my new theme?  Oh alright then here ya go

I was really pleased with how it looked,  and I was lucky enough to snag a super sweet booth location…. mostly because I was beside my fun buddies from Oblinaknit

They are super nice,  and to prove it I can tell you that all the  booth pics you see here were actually taken by them………I am not very camera proficient at the best of times and this time I even had the special knack of forgetting my camera……….oooooops.

So that was my first official outdoor summer show and I gotta tell you I loved it,  it’s made me incredibly excited about the impending Crafters Round Up in Chicago.  And the fact that it is 2 whole days outdoors makes me feel positively giddy with glee,  woooohoooo for ez ups and sunshine……(fingers crossed).

Cleveland Bound…….

Thursday, July 1st, 2010

See you when I get back with all the news and piccies from Bazaar Bizarre……..Happy 4th of July