New Schtuff

I haven’t been in the mood to needlefelt this week………gasp, shock…. what!!!???!!! Don’t worry this isn’t the first time this has happened, generally if I take a wee break from it I’m itching to get back to it …….so I have used my “time off ” to make new mobiles this week….. for some unknown reason when the felting bug leaves me the sewing bug comes into town.
I figuered it was about time I got on with new mobiles Lord knows I’ve had enough requests to make different ones so here they are I’ll put them in the shop of course if you wanna check them out there.
crabby mobile  crabby mobile

Feelin’ crabby

moo cows moo cows

Moo cows

what a hoot what a hoot

What a Hoot

acorns acorns

Little acorns

So that’s been my week of sewing and stuffing, I think the owls are my favourites but being a cancerian I do really like the crabs too.

2 Responses to “New Schtuff”

  1. emily Says:

    wow! those are great! i think the cows (either as a mobile or stand alone like the donuts) would sell well at Anthology. i’m not a big wisconsin theme fan, but those cows are adorable!

    did you use your new sewing machine to make those?

  2. Lulu Says:

    geesh I’m a dummy (not that you didn’t already know that huh?) I never even thought about the cows being a good Wisconsin thing…………dur!!!!

    I hand stitched them because I haven’t gotten good enough with the sewing machine to do little shapes yet…….I fear I’ll sew my fingers to my thumb

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