Feeling Fruity

I made these cute little pins for my etsy store

fruity pins

I am really happy with how they turned out very cute particularly the cherries

cherry pin apple pin apple pin

It’s nice to have little things in the shop, and I’m thinking these little pins are going to be appearing on everything I own……

Going to Chicago on Saturday to check out this place Renegade Handmade.  I never knew this place existed and can’t wait to skeck it out……probably won’t be as cool as The Glitter Workshop  in Madison though but as you know I am all about the artsy fartsy craft stores so will have to go.

2 Responses to “Feeling Fruity”

  1. Carol Welch Says:

    Well darn!!! I missed getting my froggie and other goodies from the first time around.

    I made sure I got my monkey and lion and snake!!! And I bought another to send to a friend who teaches preschool music….I got her the monkey…..there are quite a few monkey songs around.

    I love your stabbies!!!!! I bought/buy them direct from Art-o-mat HQ in Winston-Salem.
    Thanks!!!!! CW from Winston-Salem, NC

  2. admin Says:

    Hey thanks so much Carol.

    It’s really cool to think of the little critters going to someone who appreciates ’em…..and that you are getting them right out the box, although you are missing out on the whole ker-plunk action.

    Maybe i’ll make another batch of cats and frogs and mice………although I’m loving the new hedgehog I came up with…..so you will just have to wait and see ; )

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