Hello my name is Lulu

and I am a knitters little helper addict. Has any one else ever used this stuff? I admit I bought it because I was suckered in by the cute little tin….

knitters little helper

But the wool roving does really dry out my hands, and this stuff does not affect the wool at all……how great is that? and it smells fantastic too. I have been rubbing it on every 10 mins or so…….it’s fantastic.

Saturday in Chicago was fantastic, the Renegade Handmade store was absolutely gorgeous. Beautiful inside and out, their displays were fantastic and they had tons of my paper crane…….it was very hard to resist buying everything, although my hubby makes this easier by saying you should make it yourself everytime I ooooed and aaahhhhed at something……….I am sure this makes us popular in most stores.

I am still in the process of making critters for the art – o – mat. 15 done 35 + to go. I’ll share them as soon as I am done I promise.  I’m loving the lions maybe I’ll make a larger one when I am done…….

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