I finished with my new Art-0-Mat project……..yaaaaay!!!

art-o-mat critters
I love doing stuff for the Art-o-Mat and it’s really funny to think where my little critters will wind up and with whom they will reside, but after making about 30 of them I start to wish I could be done now. (I like to try and send at least 50)

Anyway I made different series of critters from the last ones which were the mouse, cat and frog. This time I went with a Monkey, a Snake and a Lion. I am really pleased with how they turned out I just hope people like them.

lion  art-o-mat monkey  art-o-mat snake

I had the strangest weekend last weekend. My husband entered the Dairyland Dare in Wisconsin. He is a crazy single speed nut and wrote about his experience here if you are into that kind of thing……..I am not. I am not being mean (well maybe a lttle) but I really hate bikes and everything about them, and getting up at 3 am on Saturday morning to drive Markie to Wisconsin for the 5 am race start didn’t help to endear myself to them any either. It also meant that I had the joy of getting to Madison at just before 7am to wander zombie like around the farmers market.

I did snag some fantastic bargains in urban outfitters though (I love their half off all sale item sales)

I got this for $10.00

full vinyl

It’s really, really cool and I have wanted it for a while but it’s normally $30.00.   I love all the kid robot stuff and it features them and other cool vinyl collectibles

and this for $4.00


It certainly lives up to it’s name. I can’t wait to make the bunnies.

I also hit up The glitterworkshop and finally bought the T-shirt I have coveted since the first time I went in there…….


How can you not love a tee that features devil kitty bum?

Anyway that was my weekend…….How was yours?

6 Responses to “Tadah……”

  1. clothmatters Says:

    The little critters you made are wonderful!

  2. Lulu Says:

    awww thanks, It’s kinda tough to make sure they fit in that little box….but if they don’t then they wont work in the machine……..tricksy stuff.

    Thanks again…..

  3. Jessica Hood Says:

    oh i adore the monkey! your creations are fabulous!

  4. admin Says:

    Thank you Jessica, Your site is fabulous……I’m so glad you found me ; )

  5. Sheri Says:

    My friend in Illinois bought a little monkey from the Art-o-mat at her local library. She sent it to me here in New York State. Now you know where at least one of your monkeys resides: he(she?) is standing on top of a book on my bookshelf, waving to greet all who enter the room. 🙂

  6. admin Says:

    That’s so cool, Thanks Sheri for letting me know he is safe and sound ; )

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